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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012Integer quantum hall effect on an interface with disclinationsLima, Anderson Alves de; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Jun-2016Landau quantization, Aharonov-Bohm effect and two-dimensional pseudoharmonic quantum dot around a screw dislocationFilgueiras, Cleverson; Rojas, Moisés; Aciole, Gilson; Silva, Edilberto O.
Oct-2009Long-range elastic-mediated interaction between nanoparticles adsorbed on free-standing smectic filmsOliveira, Italo Marcos Nunes de Oliveira; Lyra, Marcelo Leite; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio
2019Modifications of electron states, magnetization and persistent current in a quantum dot by controlled curvaturePereira, Luís Fernando C.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O.
2012Nonrelativistic quantum dynamics on a cone with and without a constraining potentialFilgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto Oliveira; Andrade, Fabiano Manoel de
2019On the 2d dirac oscillator in the presence of vector and scalar potentials in the cosmic string spacetime in the context of spin and pseudospin symmetriesLima, Daniel F.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Castro, Luis B.; Filgueiras, Cleverson
1-Dec-2018On the singular effects in the relativistic landau levels in graphene with a disclinationNascimento, Rosinildo F. do; Cogollo, Diego; Silva, Edilberto O.; Rojas, Moisés; Filgueiras, Cleverson
-Quantum heat machines enabled by the electronic effective massFilgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2015Quantum motion of a point particle in the presence of the Aharonov–Bohm potential in curved spaceSilva, Edilberto O.; Ulhoa, Sérgio C.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Amorim, R. G. G.
Nov-2015Relativistic quantum dynamics of a neutral particle in external electric fields: an approach on effects of spinAzevedo, F. S.; Silva, Edilberto O.; Castro, Luis B.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Cogollo, D.
2017Scattering and bound states of a spin-1/2 neutral particle in the cosmic string spacetimeAndrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O.
Nov-2013Screw dislocation-induced influence of transverse modes on Hall conductivityLima, André G. de; Poux, Armelle; Assafrão, Denise; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2010The effect of singular potentials on the harmonic oscillatorFilgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto Oliveira; Oliveira, Wilson; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio
Nov-2019The effects of an impurity in an Ising‐XXZ diamond chain on thermal entanglement, on quantum coherence, and on quantum teleportationFreitas, Marcos; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Rojas, Moises
13-Feb-2018Topological and non inertial effects on the interband light absorptionRojas, Moises; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Brandão, Julio; Moraes, Fernando
Feb-2017Torsion effects on condensed matter: like a magnetic field but not so muchLima, Anderson A.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Moraes, Fernando
2012Yet another position-dependent mass quantum modelLima, Jonas Romero Fonseca de; Vieira, Marcelo da Silva; Furtado, Claudio Benedito Silva; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio; Filgueiras, Cleverson