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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Differential responses of root system and gas exchange in contrasting tomato genotypes under phosphorus starvationMarques, Douglas José; Silva, Ernani Clarete da; Ferreira, Mozart Martins; Paglis, Carlos Mauricio; Souza, Thiago Correa de; Maluf, Wilson Roberto; Maciel, Gabriel Mascarenhas; Ferreira, Ewerton Dilelis; Lobato, Allan Klynger da Silva
Nov-2014Effect of potassium sources on the antioxidant activity of eggplantMarques, Douglas José; Broetto, Fernando; Ferreira, Mozart Martins; Lobato, Allan Klynger da Silva; Ávila, Fabricio William de; Pereira, Fabricio José
Jul-2012Growth, phosphorus status, and nutritional aspect in common bean exposed to different soil phosphate levels and foliar-applied phosphorus formsÁvila, Fabrício William; Faquin, Valdemar; Lobato, Allan Klynger da Silva; Baliza, Danielle Pereira; Marques, Douglas José; Passos, Alexandre Martins Abdão dos; Bastos, Carla Elisa Alves; Guedes, Elaine Maria Silva
2011Phosphite supply affects phosphorus nutrition and biochemical responses in maize plantsÁvila, Fabrício William; Faquin, Valdemar; Araújo, Josinaldo Lopes; Marques, Douglas José; Ribeiro Júnior, Pedro Martins; Lobato, Allan Klynger da Silva; Ramos, Sílvio Junio; Baliza, Danielle Pereira
2016Potential of calcium silicate to mitigate water deficiency in maizeMarques, Douglas José; Ferreira, Mozart Martins; Lobato, Allan Klynger da Silva; Freitas, Wellington Alves de; Carvalho, Jacinto de Assunção; Ferreira, Ewerton Dilelis; Broetto, Fernando