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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017Reliability of plant root comet assay in comparison with human leukocyte comet assay for assessment environmental genotoxic agentsReis, Gabriela Barreto dos; Andrade-Vieira, Larissa Fonseca; Moraes, Isabella de Campos; César, Pedro Henrique Souza; Marcussi, Silvana; Davide, Lisete Chamma
2019Snake venom disintegrins: an overview of their interaction with integrinsCesar, Pedro Henrique Souza; Braga, Mariana Aparecida; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Menaldo, Danilo Luccas; Marcussi, Silvana
2019Spent pot liner from aluminum industry: genotoxic and mutagenic action on human leukocytesAndrade-Vieira, Larissa Fonseca; Trento, Marcus Vinícius Cardoso; César, Pedro Henrique Souza; Marcussi, Silvana
Mar-2019The protective effect exerted by ascorbic acid on DNA fragmentation of human leukocytes induced by Lachesis muta muta venomTrento, Marcus Vinícius Cardoso; Eleutério, Mateus William de Faria; Abreu, Tatiane Silva; Machado, Gustavo Henrique Andrade; Cesar, Pedro Henrique Souza; Simão, Anderson Assaid; Marcussi, Silvana
2009Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom and toxins: an overviewCologna, Camila T.; Marcussi, Silvana; Giglio, Jose R.; Soares, Andreimar M.; Arantes, Eliane C.
May-2018Toxicological aspects of the essential oil from Cinnamodendron dinisiiAndrade, Milene A.; Cardoso, Maria das Graças; Preté, Paulo S. C.; Soares, Maurílio J.; Azeredo, Camila M. O. de; Trento, Marcus V. C.; Braga, Mariana A.; Marcussi, Silvana
May-2020Vanillic acid as phospholipase A2 and proteases inhibitor: in vitro and computational analysesCesar, Pedro H. S.; Trento, Marcus V.; Sales, Thais A.; Simão, Anderson A.; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Marcussi, Silvana