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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017RICHNESS AND SPECIES COMPOSITION OF ANTS IN THE RECOVERY PROCESS OF A GULLY EROSIONBiagiotti, Gabriel; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Ribas, Carla Rodrigues; Korasaki, Vanesca; Zanetti, Ronald; Queiroz, Antônio César Medeiros de
Sep-2013Soil physical properties of high mountain fields under bauxite miningBarros, Dalmo Arantes de; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Martins, Mozart Martins; Silva, Bruno Montoani; Ferreira Filho, Diógenes; Nascimento, Gleisson de Oliveira
1-Aug-2017SPECIES-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTIONS IN THE COLONIZATION OF A GULLY IN ITUMIRIM, MINAS GERAISLoschi, Ricardo Ayres; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Machado, Evandro Luiz Mendonça; Carlos, Leandro; Marques, João José Granate de Sá e Melo
1-Aug-2017STRUCTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL VARIATIONS IN A CONTINUUM OF GALLERY FOREST/SAVANA STRICTO SENSU IN ITUMIRIM, MGLoschi, Ricardo Ayres; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Machado, Evandro Luiz Mendonça; Carlos, Leandro; Gonzaga, Anne Priscila Dias; Carmo, Isaias Paulino; Gomes, Danilo José Santos
Jul-2018The landscape of Ouro Preto (MG, Brazil) through analysis of anthropic activities in relation to the environmental conservationSilva, Rossi Allan; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Bueno, Inácio Thomaz; Borges, Luís Antônio Coimbra; Acerbi Júnior, Fausto Weimar
1-Aug-2017TREE SPECIES BEHAVIOR IN SOILS SUBMITED TO LIMING IN IJACI COUNTY, MINAS GERAIS STATEPereira, José Aldo Alves; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; Calegário, Natalino
1-Aug-2017Validation of hotspots utilized in the orbital monitoring of burnt areas by means of TM imagesPereira, Allan Arantes; Pereira, José Aldo Alves; Morelli, Fabiano; Barros, Dalmo Arantes; Acerbi Jr., Fausto Weimar; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares