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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Technological and nutritive characterization of “queijo de porco” sausage traditionally produced and commercialized in Southern BrazilOliveira, Cristiane Ayala de; Rodrigues, Lorena Mendes; Andrade, Monalisa Pereira Dutra; Ramos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes
2019Technological and sensory characteristics of hamburgers added with chia seed as fat replacerPaula, Marielle Maria de Oliveira; Silva, Juliana Resende Gonçalves; Oliveira, Karoliny Lamas de; Massingue, Armando Abel; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes; Benevenuto Júnior, Augusto Aloísio; Silva, Henriques Louzada; Silva, Vanessa Riani Olmi
28-Feb-2012Technological and sensory quality of restructured low-fat cooked ham containing liquid wheyDutra, Monalisa Pereira; Cardoso, Giselle Pereira; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes; Ramos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza; Pinheiro, Ana Carla Marques; Fontes, Paulo Rogério
Jun-2020Temporal dominance of sensations and check-all-that-apply analysis of restructured cooked hams elaborated with different salt content and pork quality meatsPaula, Marielle Maria de Oliveira; Massingue, Armando Abel; Moura, Ana Paula Rocha de; Carneiro, João de Deus Souza; Ramos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes
Mar-2018The effects of sodium chloride and PSE meat on restructured cured-smoked pork loin quality: a response surface methodology studyHaddad, Gabriela de Barros Silva; Moura, Ana Paula Rocha; Fontes, Paulo Rogério; Cunha, Simone de Fatima Viana da; Ramos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes
Feb-2016Use of gamma radiation on control of Clostridium botulinum in mortadella formulated with different nitrite levelsDutra, Monalisa Pereira; Aleixo, Glécia de Cássia; Ramos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza; Silva, Maurício Henriques Louzada; Pereira, Marcio Tadeu; Piccoli, Roberta Hilsdorf; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes