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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Cerium (CE) and lanthanum (LA) promoted plant growth and mycorrhizal colonization of maize in tropical soilVilela, Laíze Aparecida Ferreira; Ramos, Sílvio Junio; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Faquin, Valdemar; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães; Siqueira, José Oswaldo
2018Lanthanum content and effects on growth, gas exchanges, and chlorophyll index in maize plantsDuarte, Ana Carolina Oliveira; Oliveira, Cynthia de; Ramos, Sílvio Junio; Castro, Evaristo Mauro de; Siqueira, José Oswaldo; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães
Sep-2014Lead tolerance of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes Mart. - Pontederiaceae) as defined by anatomical and physiological traitsPereira, Fabricio Jose; Castro, Evaristo Mauro de; Oliveira, Cynthia de; Pires, Marinês Ferreira; Pereira, Márcio Paulo; Ramos, Sílvio Junio; Faquin, Valdemar
2012Response of brachiaria grass to selenium forms applied in a tropical soilRamos, Sílvio Junio; Ávila, Fabricio William de; Boldrin, Paulo Fernandes; Pereira, Fabrício José; Castro, Evaristo Mauro de; Faquin, Valdemar; Reis, André Rodrigues dos; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães
2010Selenium biofortification and antioxidant activity in lettuce plants fed with selenate and seleniteRamos, Sílvio Junio; Faquin, Valdemar; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães; Castro, Evaristo Mauro de; Ávila, Fabricio William de; Carvalho, Geila Santos; Bastos, Carla Elisa Alves; Oliveira, Cynthia de