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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The effect of pasteurization, freezing and prolonged storage on volatile compounds of mangaba pulpGonçalves, Gilma Auxiliadora Santos; Resende, Nathane Silva; Carvalho, Elisângela Elena Nunes; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Vilas Boas, Eduardo Valério de Barros
29-Jan-2010The effects of added sugars and alcohols on the induction of crystallization and the stability of the freeze-dried peki (Caryocar brasiliense Camb.) Fruit pulpsAlves, Cibele Cristina de Oliveira; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Prado, Mônica Elisabeth Torres; Cruvinel, Rafael Souza Ribeiro
17-Feb-2014Thermal and microstructural stability of a powdered gum derived from Pereskia aculeata Miller leavesConceição, Márcia Cavalcante; Junqueira, Luciana Affonso; Silva, Karen Cristina Guedes; Prado, Mônica Elisabeth Torres; Resende, Jaime Vilela de
14-Feb-2011Thermal Conductivity Measurements and Predictive Models for Frozen Guava and Passion Fruit PulpsPrado, M. E. T.; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Pereira, Gustavo das Graças; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Pereira, C. G.
2013Thermal conductivity of milk with different levels of moisture and fat: experimental measures and prediction modelsPereira, Cristina Guimarães; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Pinto, Sandra Maria; Abreu, Luiz Ronaldo de
Feb-2016Using infrared thermography to evaluate the injuries of cold-stored guavaGonçalves, Bárbara Jordana; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Pereira, Daniele Fernanda; Vilas Boas, Eduardo Valério de Barros; Resende, Jaime Vilela de