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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of botanical origin on stability and crystallization of honey during storageSchiassi, Maria Cecília Evangelista Vasconcelos; Souza, Vanessa Rios de; Alves, Nathila Angela; Lago, Amanda Maria Teixeira; Silva, Sérgio Henrique; Carvalho, Gabriel Ribeiro; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Queiroz, Fabiana
Aug-2020Effect of carrier oil on α-tocopherol encapsulation in ora-pro-nobis (Pereskia aculeata Miller) mucilage-whey protein isolate microparticlesNeves, Isabelle Cristina Oliveira; Silva, Sérgio Henrique; Oliveira, Natália Leite; Lago, Amanda Maria Teixeira; Ng, Natalie; Sultani, Arianna; Campelo, Pedro Henrique; Veríssimo, Lizzy Ayra Alcântara; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Rogers, Michael A.
Oct-2023Evaluation of α-tocopherol microencapsulation stability with either coconut oil or canola oil cores in Greek yogurt and butterOliveira, Natalia Leite; Espinal-Ruiz, Mauricio; Neves, Isabelle Cristina Oliveira; Silva, Sérgio Henrique; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Rogers, Michael A.
2-Dec-2020Extraction and application of ora-pro-nobis (Pereskia aculeata Miller) mucilage in freeze-dried Petit Suisse cheeseSilva, Sérgio Henrique
15-Nov-2019Extraction processes and characterization of the mucilage obtained from green fruits of Pereskia aculeata MillerSilva, Sérgio Henrique; Neves, Isabelle Cristina Oliveira; Oliveira, Natália Leite; Oliveira, Ana Cristina Freitas de; Lago, Amanda Maria Teixeira; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Resende, Jaime Vilela de
Sep-2021Freeze-dried Petit Suisse cheese produced with ora-pro-nóbis (Pereskia aculeata Miller) biopolymer and carrageenan mixSilva, Sérgio Henrique; Neves, Isabelle Cristina Oliveira; Meira, Ana Cristina Freitas de Oliveira; Alexandre, Ana Cláudia Silveira; Oliveira, Natália Leite; Resende, Jaime Vilela de
Dec-2021Infrared-assisted freeze-drying (IRFD) of açai puree: Effects on the drying kinetics, microstructure and bioactive compoundsOliveira, Natália Leite; Silva, Sérgio Henrique; Figueiredo, Jayne de Abreu; Norcino, Lais Bruno; Resende, Jaime Vilela de