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Sep-2016Effect of increasing levels of glycerin on growth rate, carcass traits and liver gluconeogenesis in young bullsLadeira, Marcio M.; Carvalho, José Rodolfo R.; Chizzotti, Mario L.; Teixeira, Priscilla D.; Dias, Júlio César O.; Gionbelli, Tathyane R.S.; Rodrigues, Aline C.; Oliveira, Dalton M.
Apr-2022Effect of rumen-protected fat on performance, carcass characteristics and beef quality of the progeny from Nellore cows fed by different planes of nutrition during gestationRamírez Zamudio, Germán D.; Cruz, Wendell F. G. da; Schoonmaker, Jon P.; Resende, Flavio D. de; Siqueira, Gustavo R.; Machado Neto, Otavio R.; Gionbelli, Tathyane R. S.; Teixeira, Priscilla D.; Rodrigues, Liziana M.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Ladeira, Marcio M.
Feb-2022Effect of vitamin A injection at birth on intramuscular fat development and meat quality in beef cattleMaciel, Felipe C.; Machado Neto, Otávio R.; Duarte, Marcio S.; Lage, Josiane Fonseca; Du, Min; Teixeira, Priscilla D.; Martins, Cyntia L.; Domingues, Edmilson H.R.; Fogaça, Luiz A.; Ladeira, Marcio M.
2017Fatty acid profile of omasum from cattle fed with soybean oil, selenium and vitamin ETeixeira, Priscilla D.; Ferreira, Adriano Vinicius P.; Machado Neto, Otavio R.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Santos, Luana R.; Moreira, Fernando F.; Cominotte, Alexandre; Ladeira, Marcio Machado
2017Intake, digestibility and ruminal parameters in cattle fed with oil, selenium and vitamin EMachado Neto, Otavio R.; Ladeira, Márcio Machado; Teixeira, Priscilla D.; Ferreira, Adriano Vinicius P.; Cominotte, Alexandre; Ezequiel, Jane M. Bertocco; Van Cleef, Eric H. C. B.
2016Nutrigenomics and beef quality: a review about LipogenesisLadeira, Marcio M.; Schoonmaker, Jon P.; Dias, Júlio C. O.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Gionbelli, Tathyane R. S.; Carvalho, José Rodolfo R.; Teixeira, Priscilla D.
Nov-2017Subspecies and diet affect the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism and chemical composition of muscle in beef cattleTeixeira, Priscilla D.; Oliveira, Dalton M.; Chizzotti, Mario L.; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Coelho, Tamara C.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Paiva, Luciano V.; Carvalho, José Roberto R.; Ladeira, Marcio M.
Jan-2019Total nutrient digestibility and small intestine starch digestion in nellore and angus young bulls fed a whole shelled corn dietCarvalho, José Rodolfo R.; Schoonmaker, Jon P.; Chizzotti, Mario L.; Teixeira, Priscilla D.; Dias, Julio Cesar O.; Gionbelli, Tathyane R. S.; Rodrigues, Aline C.; Costa, Suely F.; Ladeira, Marcio Machado