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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Soil C: N ratios are unresponsive to land use change in Brazil: a comparative analysisZinn, Yuri Lopes; Marrenjo, Gonçalves Jotamo; Silva, Carlos Alberto
Dec-2019Soil genesis, mineralogy and chemical composition in a steatite outcrop under tropical humid climate in BrazilVilela, Emerson Ferreira; Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Zinn, Yuri Lopes
15-Apr-2014Soil organic carbon and morphology as affected by pine plantation establishment in Minas Gerais, BrazilZinn, Yuri Lopes; Guerra, Adriano Ribeiro; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Faria, Jessica A.; Silva, Thays A. C.
Feb-2020Soil parent material is the main control on heavy metal concentrations in tropical highlands of BrazilZinn, Yuri Lopes; Faria, Jéssica Amaral de; Araujo, Marla Alessandra de; Skorupa, Alba Lucia Araujo
May-2020Soils under Plastic and Grass Cover: Effects on Soil Aggregation and Nutrient Cycling in Brazilian Coffee GrowingSilva, Érika Andressa da; Benevenute, Pedro Antônio Namorato; Oliveira, Geraldo César de; Zinn, Yuri Lopes; Silva, Bruno Montoani; Melo, Laura Beatriz Batista de; Reis, Thiago Henrique Pereira; Oliveira, César Henrique Caputo de; Guimarães, Paulo Tácito Gontijo; Carducci, Carla Eloize
Jun-2020Trace elements in soils developed from metamorphic ultrabasic rocks in Minas Gerais, BrazilVilela, Emerson Ferreira; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Zinn, Yuri Lopes
Aug-2016Xanthic- and Rhodic-Acrudoxes under cerrado vegetation: differential internal drainage and covarying micromorphological propertiesSkorupa, Alba Lucia Araujo; Tassinari, Diego; Silva, Sérgio Henrique Godinho; Poggere, Giovana Clarice; Zinn, Yuri Lopes; Curi, Nilton