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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018Crystal structure of two new polymeric copper(II) complexes active against Trypanosoma cruziPaixão, D. A.; Oliveira, L. P. de; Maia, P. I. S.; Deflon, V. M.; Carneiro, Z. A.; Albuquerque, S.; Almeida, K. J. de; Lopes, N. P.; Pivatto, M.; Chaves, J. D. S.; Almeida, M. V. de; Guilardi, S.; Guerra, W.
Jul-2010Dehydrogenation of methane by gas-phase Th, Th+, and Th2+ : theoretical insights into actinide chemistryAlmeida, K. J. de; Duarte, H. A.
May-2009Gas-phase methane activation by the Ac+ -Pu ions: theoretical insights into the role of 5f electrons/orbitals in early actinide chemistryAlmeida, K. J. de; Duarte, H. A.
15-Jan-2016Methane C–H bond activation by niobium oxides: theoretical analyses of the bonding and reactivity properties of Nbomn+(m = 1, 2; n = 0, 1, 2)Almeida, K. J. de; Silva, T. C.; L. Neto, J.; Rocha, M. V. J.; Ramalho, T. C.; Miranda, M. N. de; Duarte, H. A.
2013Methane dehydrogenation by niobium ions: a first-principles study of the gas-phase catalytic reactionsAlmeida, K. J. de; Ramalho, T. C.; Leal Neto, J.; Santiago, R. T.; Felicíssimo, V. C.; Duarte, H. A.
May-2010Modelling the visible absorption spectra of copper(II) acetylacetonate by Density Functional TheoryAlmeida, K. J. de; Cesar, A.; Rinkevicius, Z.; Vahtras, O.; Ågren, Hans
Jun-2015Platinum(II) complexes with carbazates and hydrazydes: synthesis, spectral characterization, computational modeling, and biological studiesRodrigues, M. A.; Marzano, I. M.; Ribeiro, G. H.; Colina-Vegas, L.; Pivatto, M.; Fontes, A. P. S.; Ribeiro, C. M.; Pavan, F. R.; Almeida, K. J. de; Batista, A. A.; Pereira-Maia, E. C.; Guerra, W.
Jul-2012Theoretical insights into the visible near‐infrared absorption spectra of Bis (hexafluoroacetylacetonate) copper(II) in pyridineAlmeida, K. J. de; Ramalho, T. C.; Alves, M. C.; Vahtras, O.
5-Sep-2017Theoretical spectroscopic insights of tautomers and enantiomers of penicillamineMendes, J.; Almeida, K. J. de; L. Neto, J.; Ramalho, T. C.; Duarte, H. A.
Feb-2019A theoretical study about reactivity and spectroscopic properties of copper ions toward sulfur-containing speciesOliveira, N. P. de; Cardoso, M. G.; Guerreiro, M. C.; Almeida, K. J. de
Feb-2011Theoretical study of specific solvent effects on the optical and magnetic properties of copper(II) acetylacetonateAlmeida, K. J. de; Ramalho, T. C.; Rinkevicius, Z.; Vahtras, O.; Ågren, H.; Cesar, A.