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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2022Analysis of hydrological impacts caused by climatic and anthropogenic changes in Upper Grande River Basin, BrazilMelo, Pâmela A.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Tomasella, Javier; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Martins, Minella A.; Coelho, Gilberto
Oct-2022Assessment of land use changes in the Verde River basin using two hydrological modelsCarvalho, Vinícius S. O.; Cunha, Zandra A. da; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Beskow, Samuel; Mello, Carlos R. de; Martins, Minella A.; Oliveira, Conceição de M. M. de
May-2021Climate change impacts on water resources of the largest hydropower plant reservoir in southeast BrazilMello, Carlos R.; Vieira, Nayara P. A.; Guzman, Jorge A.; Viola, Marcelo R.; Beskow, Samuel; Alvarenga, Lívia A.
Apr-2020Climate change impacts under representative concentration pathway scenarios on streamflow and droughts of basins in the Brazilian Cerrado biomeRodrigues, Jéssica A. M.; Viola, Marcelo R.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Mello, Carlos R. de; Chou, Sin C.; Oliveira, Vinícius A. de; Uddameri, Venkatesh; Morais, Marco A. V.
Mar-2022On the performance of conceptual and physically based modelling approach to simulate a headwater catchment in BrazilMelo, Pâmela A.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Tomasella, Javier; Santos, Ana Carolina N.; Mello, Carlos R.
Feb-2023On the sustainability of paddy rice cultivation in the Paraíba do Sul river basin (Brazil) under a changing climateMartins, Minella A.; Tomasella, Javier; Bassanelli, Hélio R.; Paiva, Ana Carolina E.; Vieira, Rita Márcia S. P.; Canamary, Erica A.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.
Aug-2020Pressure distribution on center pivot lateral lines: analytical models compared to EPANET 2.0Baptista, Victor Buono Silva; Colombo, Alberto; Barbosa, Brenon D. S.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Diotto, Adriano Valentim
2021Sensitivity and performance analyses of the distributed hydrology–soil–vegetation model using geomorphons for landform mappingMelo, Pâmela A.; Alvarenga, Lívia A.; Tomasella, Javier; Mello, Carlos R.; Martins, Minella A.; Coelho, Gilberto