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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Fluid dynamics analysis and pyrolysis of brewer’s spent grain in a spouted bed reactorBarrozo, Marcos A. S.; Borel, Lidja D. M. S.; Lira, Taísa S.; Ataíde, Carlos H.
2020Kinetic parameters study for the slow pyrolysis of coffee residues based on thermogravimetric analysisTibola, Fernando L.; Oliveira, Tiago J. P. de; Cerqueira, Daniel A.; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Cardoso, Cássia R.
1-Jul-2017Microwave drying remediation of petroleum-contaminated drill cuttingsPetri Júnior, Irineu; Martins, André Leibsohn; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Duarte, Cláudio R.
Oct-2015Microwave remediation of oil well drill cuttingsPetri Júnior, Irineu; Pereira, Marina S.; Santos, Jéssika M. dos; Duarte, Cláudio R.; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Panisset, Curt M. de Á.
Dec-2020A novel method to determine total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) and water contents in reservoir drill cuttingsJúnior, Irineu Petri; Santos, Jéssika M. dos; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Duarte, Cláudio R.
Oct-2018Pyrolysis of brewer’s spent grain: kinetic study and products identificationBorel, Lidja D. M. S.; Lira, Taísa S.; Ribeiro, Jânio A.; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Barrozo, Marcos A. S.
Dec-2013Separation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from alcoholic fermentation broth by two commercial hydrocyclonesPinto, Andre A.; Bicalho, Isabele C.; Mognon, José L.; Duarte, Claudio R.; Ataíde, Carlos H.
Mar-2012Separation of yeast from alcoholic fermentation in small hydrocyclonesBicalho, Isabele C.; Mognon, José L.; Shimoyama, Juliana; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Duarte, Claudio R.
Feb-2020Slow pyrolysis of coffee husk briquettes: characterization of the solid and liquid fractionsSetter, Carine; Silva, F. T. M.; Assis, M. R.; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Oliveira, Tiago José Pires
2022Temperature-programmed pyrolysis of sunflower seed husks: application of reaction models for the kinetic and thermodynamic calculationTibola, Fernando L.; Oliveira, Tiago J. P. de; Ataíde, Carlos H.; Cerqueira, Daniel A.; Sousa, Nádia G.; Cardoso, Cássia R.