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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Bioactivity of compounds from Acmella oleracea against Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and selectivity to two non‐target speciesMoreno, Shaiene C.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Picanço, Marcelo C.; Morais, Elisangela G. F.; Pereira, Rogério M.
2019Botanical insecticide and natural enemies: a potential combination for pest management against Tuta absolutaSoares, Marianne A.; Campos, Mateus R.; Passos, Luis C.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Haro, Marcelo M.; Lavoir, Anne-Violette; Biondi, Antonio; Zappalà, Lucia; Desneux, Nicolas
Oct-2023Comparative toxicity of coffee insecticides to the green lacewing Chrysoperla externa in laboratory and persistence trialsFarias, Elizeu S.; Fernandes, Ana F.; Andrade, Eliana D.; Picanço, Marcelo C.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
2020Detrimental sublethal effects hamper the effective use of natural and chemical pesticides in combination with a key natural enemy of Bemisia tabaci on tomatoSoares, Marianne A; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Campos, Mateus R.; Passos, Luis C.; Haro, Marcelo M.; Lavoir, Anne‐Violette; Biondi, Antonio; Zappalà, Lucia; Desneux, Nicolas
Aug-2012Development of biomarkers of exposure to xenobiotics in the honey bee Apis mellifera: application to the systemic insecticide thiamethoxamBadiou-Bénéteau, Alexandra; Carvalho, Stephan M.; Brunet, Jean-Luc; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Buleté, Audrey; Giroud, Barbara; Belzunces, Luc P.
Apr-2022Does the dose make the poison? Neurotoxic insecticides impair predator orientation and reproduction even at low concentrationsPassos, Luis C.; Ricupero, Michele; Gugliuzzo, Antonio; Soares, Marianne A.; Desneux, Nicolas; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Zappalà, Lucia; Biondi, Antonio
Jan-2019Effects of paracress (Acmella oleracea) extracts on the aphids Myzus persicae and Lipaphis erysimi and two natural enemiesGouvêa, Shaiene M.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Fidelis, Elisangela G.; Ribeiro, Arthur V.; Farias, Elizeu S.; Picanço, Marcelo C.
Mar-2021Emergence and Infestation Level of Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on coffee berries on the plant or on the ground during the post-harvest period in BrazilPereira, Adriano E.; Gontijo, Pablo C.; Fantine, Andreza K.; Tinoco, Ricardo S.; Ellersieck, Mark R.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Zanuncio, José C.; Vilela, Evaldo F.
Sep-2013Enzymatic biomarkers as tools to assess environmental quality: a case study of exposure of the honeybee Apis mellifera to insecticidesCarvalho, Stephan M.; Belzunces, Luc P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Brunet, Jean Luc; Beneteau, Alexandra Badiou
Dec-2013First record of Aethalion reticulatum (Hemiptera: Aethalionidae) in Vernonia condensata (Asteraceae), a medicinal plant from BrazilMenezes, Claubert W. G. de; Bertolucci, Suzan K. V.; Pinto, José E. B. P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Soares, Marcus A.
2023Growth inhibitory activities and feeding deterrence of solanaceae-based derivatives on fall armywormLima, Andreísa F.; Ribeiro, Leandro P.; Lira, Simone P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Vendramim, José D.
2013Impact of insecticides used to control Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) in corn on survival, sex ratio, and reproduction of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley offspringSouza, Jander R.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Moura, Alexandre P.; Couto, Marcelo H. G.; Maia, Jader B.
Jun-2021Ingestion and effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles on Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Castro, Bárbara M. M.; Santos-Rasera, Joyce R.; Alves, Dejane S.; Marucci, Rosangela C.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Carvalho, Hudson W. P.
Dec-2016Life history parameters and feeding preference of the green lacewing Ceraeochrysa cubana fed with virus-free and potato leafroll virus-infected Myzus persicaeOliveira, Rodrigo L. de; Moscardini, Valéria F.; Gontijo, Pablo C.; Sâmia, Rafaella R.; Marucci, Rosangela C.; Budia, Flor; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
Mar-2019Long-term effects of chlorantraniliprole reduced risk insecticide applied as seed treatment on lady beetle Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)Oliveira, Rodrigo L.; Gontijo, Pablo C.; Sâmia, Rafaella R.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
Jan-2016Malpighia emarginata DC. bagasse acetone extract: phenolic compounds and their effect on Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Marques, Tamara R.; Caetano, Aline A.; Alves, Dejane S.; Ramos, Vinicius de O.; Simão, Anderson A.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Corrêa, Angelita D.
-Non-target effects of chlorantraniliprole and thiamethoxam on chrysoperla carnea when employed as sunflower seed treatmentsGontijo, Pablo C.; Moscardini, Valéria F.; Michaud, J. P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
Jan-2018Non-target impacts of soybean insecticidal seed treatments on the life history and behavior of Podisus nigrispinus, a predator of fall armywormGontijo, Pablo C.; Abbade Neto, Dyrson O.; Oliveira, Rodrigo L.; Michaud, J. P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
Apr-2015Non‐target effects of two sunflower seed treatments on Orius insidiosus (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae)Gontijo, Pablo C.; Moscardini, Valéria F.; Michaud, J. P.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.
Jun-2016Residual acute toxicity of some modern insecticides toward two mirid predators of tomato pestsWanumen, Andrea C.; Carvalho, Geraldo A.; Medina, Pilar; Viñuela, Elisa; Adán, Ángeles