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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Are maximum heart rate and recovery heart rate of cyclists influenced by the time of the day?Cruz, Ramon; Manoel, Francisco A.; Melo, Bruno P.; Castro, Phelipe H. C.; Freitas, Jefferson Verbena de; Santos, João Paulo N.; Lima, Jorge R. Perrout de; Marins, João Carlos Bouzas; Silva, Sandro F. da
2014Circadian cycle and its influence on parameters of aerobic trainingCruz, Ramon; Manoel, Francisco de Assis; Melo, Bruno Pereira; Silva, Sandro Fernandes da
2018Do warnings received in race walking influence the speed of athletes?Alves, Danilo L.; Cruz, Ramon; Domingos, Pablo R.; Osiecki, Raul; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Lima, Jorge R. P.
2013Indicadores de parâmetros de controle de treinamento e ciclo circadianoCruz, Ramon; Silva, Sandro Fernandes da
2017Monitoring the training intensity and recovery with a psychometrics approach: a gender comparison with young athletesCruz, Ramon; Alves, Danilo L.; Azevedo, Rafael; Bertuzzi, Romulo; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Lima, Jorge R. P.
Aug-2013Pacing strategy and heart rate on the influence of circadian rhythmsCruz, Ramon; Melo, Bruno P.; Manoel, Francisco A.; Castro, Phelipe H. C.; Silva, Sandro F. da
2017Pontos de transição da frequência cardíaca na marcha atléticaAlves, Danilo Leonel; Cruz, Ramon; Manoel, Francisco de Assis; Domingos, Pablo Ramon; Freitas, Jefferson Verbena de; Osiecki, Raul; Oliveira, Fernando Roberto de; Lima, Jorge Roberto Perrout de
Jan-2020Pre-planned Vs. Executed Real-Time Pacing Strategies during 3-km Race: Role of Rating Perceived ExertionAlves, Danilo L.; Cruz, Ramon; Bara, Crystina L. B. P.; Osiecki, Raul; Lima, Jorge R. P.; Oliveira, Fernando R. de
Aug-2015The effects of combined training on strength and aerobic power in patients with cancerMelo, Bruno P.; Manoel, Francisco A.; Cruz, Ramon; Silva, Sandro F. da
Feb-2016The utilization of perceived exertion is valid for the determination of the training stress in young athletesManoel, Francisco de Assis; Melo, Bruno P.; Cruz, Ramon; Villela, Cristóvão A. R. S.; Alves, Danilo L.; Silva, Sandro F. da; Oliveira, Fernando Roberto de