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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018Comparison of extraction techniques for product diversification in a supercritical water gasification-based sugarcane-wet microalgae biorefinery: thermoeconomic and environmental analysisAlbarelli, Juliana Q.; Santos, Diego T.; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Maréchal, François; Cocero, María J.; Meireles, M. Ângela A.
15-Oct-2017Early-stage decision making approach for the selection of optimally integrated biorefinery processesCelebi, Ayse Dilan; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Sharma, Shivom; Maréchal, François
15-Mar-2016A method for aggregating external operating conditions in multi-generation system optimization modelsLythcke-Jørgensen, Christoffer Ernst; Münster, Marie; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Haglind, Fredrik
1-Sep-2016A methodology for designing flexible multi-generation systemsLythcke-Jørgensen, Christoffer Ernst; Münster, Marie; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Haglind, Fredrik
31-Aug-2019Next generation cogeneration system for industry – Combined heat and fuel plant using biomass resourcesCelebi, Ayse Dilan; Sharma, Shivom; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Maréchal, François
Aug-2018Review of design works for the conversion of sugarcane to first and second-generation ethanol and electricityBechara, Rami; Gomez, Adrien; Saint-Antonin, Valérie; Schweitzer, Jean-Marc; Maréchal, François; Ensinas, Adriano Viana
Jan-2018Vinasse concentration and juice evaporation system integrated to the conventional ethanol production process from sugarcane - heat integration and impacts in cogeneration systemCortes-Rodríguez, Edgar Fernando; Fukushima, Nilton Asao; Palacios-Bereche, Reynaldo; Ensinas, Adriano Viana; Nebra, Silvia A.