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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-May-2018An integrative taxonomic approach reveals the first marine triclad (Platyhelminthes) trapped in a cave from a semiarid Neotropical environmentSouza, Stella; Riutort, Marta; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Leal-Zanchet, Ana
25-Jun-2018Annotated checklist of Gonyleptoidea (Opiliones: Laniatores) associated with Brazilian cavesÁzara, Ludson Neves de; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
Oct-2018Antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of the extract from pigment-producing fungi isolated from Brazilian cavesTavares, Dérica Gonçalves; Barbosa, Bárbara Viana Lessa; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Duarte, Whasley Ferreira; Cardoso, Patrícia Gomes
4-Nov-2016Are inner cave communities more stable than entrance communities in Lapa Nova show cave?Pellegrini, Thais Giovannini; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
Aug-2018Are laboratory studies on behavior of troglobitic species always trustful? A case study with an isopod from BrazilSilva, Ana Paula Bueno da; Oliveira, Isabel Pires Mascarenhas Ribeiro; Bastos-Pereira, Rafaela; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
2016Are leaves a good option in Caatinga's menu? first record of folivory in Artibeus planirostris (Phyllostomidae) in the semiarid forest, BrazilCordero-Schmidt, Eugenia; Medeiros-Guimarães, Maricélio; Vargas-Mena, Juan Carlos; Carvalho, Bruna; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Rodriguez-Herrera, Bernal; Venticinque, Eduardo M.
2016Composição, riqueza e diversidade de invertebrados em cavernas de Dianópolis (TO)Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Cardoso, Rafael Costa; Silva, Marconi Souza
5-Jul-2018Conservation status and complementary description of (Cixiidae): should this species be considered Threatened?Santos, Júlio César do Carmo Vaz; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Millar, Ian; Hoch, Hannelore
22-Jun-2016Description of a new troglomorphic species of Charinus Simon, 1892 from Brazil (Arachnida, Amblypygi, Charinidae)Vasconcelos, Ana Caroline Oliveira; Giupponi, Alessandro Ponce de Leão; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
19-May-2017Description of Metopiellus painensis sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae), first troglobitic Pselaphinae from BrazilAsenjo, Angélico; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Zampaulo, Robson de Almeida
Oct-2016Disjunct occurrence of Trichadenotecnum s.str. in Southeastern Brazil (Psocodea: “Psocoptera”: Psocidae), with description of a new speciesYoshizawa, Kazunori; Souza-Silva, Marconi; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
2-Nov-2017Earwigs from Brazilian caves, with notes on the taxonomic and nomenclatural problems of the Dermaptera (Insecta)Kamimura, Yoshitaka; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
Jun-2018First record of a phoretic mite (Histiostomatidae) on a cave dwelling cricket (Phalangopsidae) from BrazilSouza, Rodrigo Antônio Castro; Bernardi, Leopoldo Ferreira de Oliveira; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
15-Apr-2016First report of cave springtail (Collembola, Paronellidae) parasitized by mite (Parasitengona, Microtrombidiidae)Oliveira, Marcus Paulo Alves; Bernardi, Leopoldo Ferreira de Oliveira; Zeppelini, Douglas; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
7-May-2018Fish community of a small karstic Neotropical drainage and its relationship with the physical habitatRatton, Pedro; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Pompeu, Paulo Santos
3-Jun-2016Linking spatial scale dependence of land-use descriptors and invertebrate cave community compositionPellegrini, Thais Giovannini; Sales, Lilian Patrícia; Aguiar, Polyanne; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
2016Lipid profiles of three species of troglobitic fish from BrazilMonteiro, Aline Gomes Dias Pinto; Nunes, Cleiton; Guerreiro, Mário Cesar; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Pinto, Luciana de Matos Alves
28-Nov-2018Lithoseopsis Mockford (Psocodea: Troctomorpha: Amphientomidae): a new species and first record for South AmericaGarcía Aldrete, Alfonso N.; Silva Neto, Alberto Moreira da; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes
2016A millipede missing link: Dobrodesmidae, a remarkable new polydesmidan millipede family from Brazil with supernumerary rings (Diplopoda, Polydesmida), and the establishment of a new suborder DobrodesmideaShear, William A.; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes; Iniesta, Luiz Felipe Moretti; Marek, Paul
23-Oct-2018New oversize troglobitic species of Campodeidae in Japan (Diplura)Sendra, Alberto; Yoshizawa, Kazunori; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes