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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-2018Effects of grazing management in brachiaria grass-forage peanut pastures on canopy structure and forage intakeGomes, Fernanda K.; Oliveira, Michael D. B. L.; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Boddey, Robert M.; Bernardes, Thiago F.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Lara, Marcio A. S.
Apr-2022Emissions of N2O and NH3 from cattle excreta in grass pastures fertilized with N or mixed with a forage legumeGuimarães, Bianca C.; Gomes, Fernanda de Kássia; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Lima, Italo Braz G. de; Spasiani, Paola P.; Boddey, Robert M.; Alves, Bruno J. R.; Casagrande, Daniel Rume
Dec-2020Forage legumes in grass pastures in tropical Brazil and likely impacts on greenhouse gas emissions: A reviewBoddey, Robert M.; Casagrande, Daniel Rume; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Alves, Bruno J. R.
2019Improved management increases carrying capacity of brazilian pasturesVasques, Isabela C. F.; Souza, André A.; Morais, Everton G.; Benevenute, Pedro A. N.; Silva, Lucas de C. M. da; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Casagrande, Daniel R.; Silva, Bruno M.
Sep-2019Increasing the population of forage peanut in a mixed pasture by controlling the canopy heightHomem, Bruno G. C.; Rosa, Ailton D.; Ferreira, Igor M.; Cruvinel, Iury A. F.; Lara, Márcio A. S.; Bernardes, Thiago F.; Casagrande, Daniel Rume
2021N-fertiliser application or legume integration enhances N cycling in tropical pasturesHomem, Bruno G. C.; Lima, Italo Braz G. de; Spasiani, Paola P.; Guimarães, Bianca C.; Guimarães, Gustavo D.; Bernardes, Thiago F.; Rezende, Claudia de P.; Boddey, Robert M.; Casagrande, Daniel R.
2021Nitrogen cycling in tropical grass-legume pastures managed under canopy light interceptionDepablos, Luis; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Ferreira, Igor M.; Bernardes, Thiago F.; Boddey, Robert M.; Lara, Márcio A. S.; Casagrande, Daniel R.
Sep-2021Palisadegrass pastures with or without nitrogen or mixed with forage peanut grazed to a similar target canopy height. 1. Effects on herbage mass, canopy structure and forage nutritive valueHomem, Bruno G. C.; Lima, Italo B. G. de; Spasiani, Paola P.; Ferreira, Igor M.; Boddey, Robert M.; Bernardes, Thiago F.; Dubeux Junior, José C. B.; Casagrande, Daniel R.
Oct-2020Penetration resistance: an effective indicator for monitoring soil compaction in pasturesBenevenute, Pedro A. N.; Morais, Everton G. de; Souza, André A.; Vasques, Isabela C. F.; Cardoso, Dione P.; Sales, Flávia R.; Severiano, Eduardo C.; Homem, Bruno G. C.; Casagrande, Daniel R.; Silva, Bruno M.