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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2021Development of quaternary nanocomposites made up of cassava starch, cocoa butter, lemongrass essential oil nanoemulsion, and brewery spent grain fibersMendes, Juliana Farinassi; Norcino, Laís Bruno; Martins, Heloísa Helena; Manrich, Anny; Otoni, Caio Gomide; Carvalho, Elisângela Elena Nunes; Piccolli, Roberta Hilsdorf; Oliveira, Juliano Elvis; Pinheiro, Ana Carla Marques; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli
15-Oct-2020Development, physical‐chemical properties, and photodegradation of pectin film reinforced with malt bagasse fibers by continuous castingMendes, Juliana Farinassi; Norcino, Laís Bruno; Manrich, Anny; Pinheiro, Ana Carla Marques; Oliveira, Juliano Elvis; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli
Dec-2022Pectin-based color indicator films incorporated with spray-dried Hibiscus extract microparticlesMendes, Juliana Farinassi; Norcino, Laís Bruno; Manrich, Anny; Oliveira, Tiago José Pires de; Mendes, Rafael Farinassi; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli
2020Physicochemical and Thermal Characterization of the Spirulina platensisManrich, Anny; Oliveira, Juliano Elvis de; Martins, Maria Alice; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli
Feb-2021Thermo-physical and mechanical characteristics of composites based on high-density polyethylene (HDPE) e spent coffee grounds (SCG)Mendes, Juliana Farinassi; Martins, Jéssica Trindade; Manrich, Anny; Luchesi, Bruno Ribeiro; Dantas, Ana Paula Silva; Vanderlei, Rafael Marques; Claro, Pedro Cunha; Sena Neto, Alfredo Rodrigues de; Mattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli; Martins, Maria Alice