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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparison between the thermal properties of cement composites using infrared thermal imagesFerraz, P. F. P.; Mendes, R. F.; Ferraz, G. A. S.; Damasceno, F. A.; Silva, I. M. A.; Vaz, L. E. V. S. B.; Mendes, L. M.; Cecchin, D.; Castro, J. O.
May-2014Effect of accelerated carbonation on the microstructure and physical properties of hybrid fiber-cement compositesPizzol, V. D.; Mendes, L. M.; Frezzatti, L.; Savastano Júnior, H.; Tonoli, G. H. D.
2018Eucalyptus wood nanofibrils as reinforcement of carrageenan and starch biopolymers for improvement of physical propertiesLopes, T. A.; Bufalino, L.; G. Júnior, M.; Tonoli, G. H. D.; Mendes, L. M.
2014Evaluation of mechanical properties of adobe chemically stabilized with "synthetic termite saliva”Corrêa, A. A. R.; Bufalino, L.; Protásio, T. de Paula; Ribeiro, M. X.; Wisky, D.; Mendes, L. M.
2018Main characteristics of underexploited amazonian palm fibers for using as potential reinforcing materialsFonseca, A. S.; Raabe, J.; Dias, L. M.; Baliza, A. E. R.; Costa, T. G.; Silva, L. E.; Vasconcelos, R. P.; Marconcini, J. M.; Savastano Júnior, H.; Mendes, L. M.; Yu, A.; Orts, W. J.; Tonoli, G. H. D.
Oct-2014Mineralogical and microstructural changes promoted by accelerated carbonation and ageing cycles of hybrid fiber-cement compositesPizzol, V. D.; Mendes, L. M.; Savastano Júnior, H.; Frías, M.; Davila, F. J.; Cincotto, M. A.; John, V. M.; Tonoli, G. H. D.
Apr-2012Particleboards made from australian red cedar: processing variables and evaluation of mixedspeciesBufalino, L.; Albino, V. C. S.; Sá, V. A. de; Corrêa, A. A. R.; Mendes, L. M.; Almeida, N. A.
Sep-2016Rationalizing the impact of aging on fiber-matrix interface and stability of cement-based composites submitted to carbonation at early agesTonoli, G. H. D.; Pizzol, V. D.; Urrea, G.; Santos, S. F.; Mendes, L. M.; Santos, V.; John, V. M.; Frías, M.; Savastano Júnior, H.