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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Do warnings received in race walking influence the speed of athletes?Alves, Danilo L.; Cruz, Ramon; Domingos, Pablo R.; Osiecki, Raul; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Lima, Jorge R. P.
Apr-2010A low carbohydrate diet affects autonomic modulation during heavy but not moderate exerciseLima-Silva, Adriano Eduardo; Bertuzzi, Rômulo C. M.; Pires, Flávio O.; Fronchetti, Lenise; Gevaerd, Monique S.; Oliveira, Fernando R. de
Apr-2019Menstrual cycle alters training strain, monotony, and technical training length in youngSouza, Gislaine Cristina; Mariano, Ana C. Santos; Rodrigues, Carla Caroline de Souza; Osiecki, Raul; Silva, Sandro Fernandes da; Silva, Adriano E. Lima; Oliveira, Fernando R. de
2017Monitoring the training intensity and recovery with a psychometrics approach: a gender comparison with young athletesCruz, Ramon; Alves, Danilo L.; Azevedo, Rafael; Bertuzzi, Romulo; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Lima, Jorge R. P.
Apr-2020Panax ginseng supplementation increases muscle recruitment, attenuates perceived effort, and accelerates muscle force recovery after an eccentric-based exercise in athletesSouza, Gislaine Cristina; Mariano, Ana C. Santos; Silva, Adriano E. Lima; Costa, Poliana L.; Domingos, Pablo R.; Silva, Sandro F.; Abreu, Wilson C.; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Osiecki, Raul
Jan-2020Pre-planned Vs. Executed Real-Time Pacing Strategies during 3-km Race: Role of Rating Perceived ExertionAlves, Danilo L.; Cruz, Ramon; Bara, Crystina L. B. P.; Osiecki, Raul; Lima, Jorge R. P.; Oliveira, Fernando R. de
Jun-2018The effects of acute and chronic sprint-interval training on cytokine responses are independent of prior caffeine intakeFerreira, Guilherme A.; Felippe, Leandro C.; Bertuzzi, Rômulo; Bishop, David J.; Barreto, Emiliano; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Lima-Silva, Adriano E.
2011Validity and reliability of a new field test (Carminatti's test) for soccer players compared with laboratory-based measuresSilva, Juliano F. da; Guglielmo, Luiz G. A.; Carminatti, Lorival J.; Oliveira, Fernando R. de; Dittrich, Naiandra; Paton, Carl D.