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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Chemical characterization of the Allium sativum and Origanum vulgare essential oils and their inhibition effect on the growth of some food pathogensMallet, A. C. T; Cardoso, M. G.; Souza, P. E.; Machado, S. M. F.; Andrade, M. A.; Nelson, D. L.; Piccoli, R. H.; Pereira, C. G.
2015Isolation and identification of toxigenic and non-toxigenic fungi in samples of medicinal plants from the marketPereira, C. G.; Silva, J. R. O.; Batista, L. R.
7-Apr-2014Relationship between the thermal conductivity and rheological behavior of acerola pulp: effect of concentration and temperaturePereira, C. G.; Resende, J. V. de; Giarola, T. M.O.
20-Feb-2013Response surface methodology for optimization of the mucilage extraction process from Pereskia aculeata MillerLima Junior, F. A.; Conceição, M. C.; Resende, J. V.; Junqueira, L. A.; Pereira, C. G.; Prado, M. E. T.
Feb-2012A retrospective PCR investigation of avian Orthoreovirus, chicken infectious anemia and fowl Aviadenovirus genomes contamination in commercial poultry vaccines in BrazilBarrios, P. R.; Marin, S. Y.; Rios, R. L.; Pereira, C. G.; Resende, M.; Resende, J. S.; Martins, N. R. S.
May-2017Thermal conductivity as influenced by the temperature and apparent viscosity of dairy productsGonçalves, B. J.; Pereira, C. G.; Lago, A. M .T.; Gonçalves, C. S.; Giarola, T. M. O.; Abreu, L. R.; Resende, J. V.
14-Feb-2011Thermal Conductivity Measurements and Predictive Models for Frozen Guava and Passion Fruit PulpsPrado, M. E. T.; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Pereira, Gustavo das Graças; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Pereira, C. G.
2016Thermal Conductivity of Mango Pulp (Mangifera indica L.) Cultivar “Ubari” in Freezing TemperaturesGiarola, T. M. O.; Pereira, C. G.; Resende, J. V.