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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Although it induces synchronized ovulation, hCG reduces the fertility of Santa Ines ewes submitted to TAIDias, L. M. K.; Sales, J. N. S.; Viau, P.; Barros, M. B. P.; Nicolau, S. S.; Simões, L. M. S.; Alves, N. G.; Alonso, M. A.; Valentim, R.; Oliveira, C. A.
2019Bovine frozen semen motility analysis using two different laser wavelengthsCarvalho, P. H. A.; Rossi, R. O. D. S.; Lopes, E.; Santos, A. P. C.; Sales, J. N. S.; Rabelo, G. F.; Braga Junior, R. A.; Barreto Filho, J. B.
Nov-2015Comparative efficacy of exogenous eCG and progesterone on endogenous progesterone and pregnancy in Holstein cows submitted to timed artificial inseminationSampaio, P. C.; Alves, N. G.; Souza, J. C.; Sales, J. N. S.; Carvalho, R. J.; Lima, R. R.; Teixeira, A. A.; Nogueira, G. P.; Ascari, I. J.
10-Dec-2014A comparison of two different esters of estradiol for the induction of ovulation in an estradiol plus progestin-based timed artificial insemination protocol for suckled Bos indicus beef cowsTorres-Júnior, J. R. S.; Penteado, L.; Sales, J. N. S.; Sá Filho, M. F.; Ayres, H.; Baruselli, P. S.
Feb-2014Different circulating progesterone concentrations during synchronization of ovulation protocol did not affect ovarian follicular and pregnancy responses in seasonal anestrous buffalo cowsCarvalho, N. A. T.; Soares, J. G.; Souza, D. C.; Vannucci, F. S.; Amaral, R.; Maio, J. R. G.; Sales, J. N. S.; Sá Filho, M. F.; Baruselli, P. S.
15-Jul-2014Donor category and seasonal climate associated with embryo production and survival in multiple ovulation and embryo transfer programs in Holstein cattleVieira, L. M.; Rodrigues, C. A.; Mendanha, M. F.; Sá Filho, M. F.; Sales, J. N. S.; Souza, A. H.; Santos, J. E. P.; Baruselli, P. S.
Apr-2015Effect of circulating progesterone concentration during synchronization for fixed-time artificial insemination on ovulation and fertility in Bos indicus (Nelore) beef cowsSales, J. N. S.; Carvalho, J. B. P.; Crepaldi, G. A.; Soares, J. G.; Girotto, R. W.; Maio, J. R. G.; Souza, J. C.; Baruselli, P. S.
Jul-2013Effect of different doses of equine chorionic gonadotropin on follicular and luteal dynamics and P/AI of high-producing Holstein cowsFerreira, R. M.; Ayres, H.; Sales, J. N. S.; Souza, A. H.; Rodrigues, C. A.; Baruselli, P. S.
Oct-2019Effect of induction of ovulation with estradiol benzoate at P4 device removal on ovulation rate and fertility in Bos indicus cows submitted to a TAI protocolCrepaldi, G. A.; Sales, J. N. S.; Girotto, R. W.; Carvalho, J. G. S.; Baruselli, P. S.
Dec-2011Effect of injectable copper, selenium, zinc and manganese on the pregnancy rate of crossbred heifers (Bos indicus × Bos taurus) synchronized for timed embryo transferSales, J. N. S.; Pereira, R. V. V.; Bicalho, R. C.; Baruselli, P. S.
May-2015Effects of a high-energy diet on oocyte quality and in vitro embryo production in Bos indicus and Bos taurus cowsSales, J. N. S.; Iguma, L. T.; Batista, R. I. T. P.; Quintão, C. C. R.; Gama, M. A. S.; Freitas, C.; Pereira, M. M.; Camargo, L. S. A.; Viana, J. H. M.; Souza, J. C.; Baruselli, P. S.
Dec-2016Effects of eCG are more pronounced in primiparous than multiparous Bos indicus cows submitted to a timed artificial insemination protocolSales, J. N. S.; Bottino, M. P.; Silva, L. A. C. L.; Girotto, R. W.; Massoneto, J. P. M.; Souza, J. C.; Baruselli, P. S.
Aug-2012Effects of two estradiol esters (benzoate and cypionate) on the induction of synchronized ovulations in Bos indicus cows submitted to a timed artificial insemination protocolSales, J. N. S.; Carvalho, J. B. P.; Crepaldi, G. A.; Cipriano, R. S.; Jacomini, J. O.; Maio, J. R. G.; Souza, J. C.; Nogueira, G. P.; Baruselli, P. S.
Apr-2010Equine chorionic gonadotropin improves the efficacy of a progestin-based fixed-time artificial insemination protocol in Nelore (Bos indicus) heifersSá Filho, M. F.; Torres-Júnior, J. R. S.; Penteado, L.; Gimenes, L. U.; Ferreira, R. M.; Ayres, H.; Paula, L. A. Castro e; Sales, J. N. S.; Baruselli, P. S.
Aug-2018Exposure to progesterone previous to the protocol of ovulation synchronization increases the follicular diameter and the fertility of suckled Bos indicus cowsSimões, L. M. S.; Orlandi, R. E.; Massoneto, J. P. M.; Scandiuzzi Júnior, L. A.; Freitas, B. G.; Bastos, M. R.; Souza, J. C.; Sales, J. N. S.
Jul-2016Factors that interfere with oocyte quality for in vitro production of cattle embryos: effects of different developmental & reproductive stagesBaruselli, P. S.; Batista, E. O. S.; Vieira, L. M.; Ferreira, R. M.; Guerreiro, B. G.; Bayeux, B. M.; Sales, J. N. S.; Souza, A. H.; Gimenes, L. U
Mar-2011Fixed-time AI protocols replacing eCG with a single dose of FSH were less effective in stimulating follicular growth, ovulation, and fertility in suckled-anestrus Nelore beef cowsSales, J. N. S.; Crepaldi, G. A.; Girotto, R. W.; Souza, A. H.; Baruselli, P. S.
Apr-2012Follicular dynamics and pregnancy rates in Bos taurus x Bos indicus embryo transfer recipients treated to increase plasma progesterone concentrationsMarques, M. O.; Nasser, L. F.; Silva, R. C. P.; Bó, G. A.; Sales, J. N. S.; Sá Filho, M. F.; Reis, E. L.; Binelli, M.; Baruselli, P. S.
Oct-2010Growth, metabolic status and ovarian function in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) heifers fed a low energy or high energy dietCampanile, G.; Baruselli, P. S.; Vecchio, D.; Prandi, A.; Neglia, G.; Carvalho, N. A. T.; Sales, J. N. S.; Gasparrini, B.
Jul-2012History, evolution and perspectives of timed artificial insemination programs in BrazilBaruselli, P. S.; Sales, J. N. S.; Sala, R. V.; Vieira, L. M.; Sá Filho, M. F.