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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2016Analysis of genetic diversity of Laeliinae (Orchidaceae) in the State of Sergipe using ISSR markersArrigoni-Blank, M. F.; Santos, M. S.; Blank, A. F.; Rabbani, A. R. C.; Silva-Mann, R.; Santos, J. B.; Costa, A. S.; Menezes, T. S. A.
2019Choice of improved phenotyping methods for bean plant reactions to white mold by non-linear model adjustments of symptom progressionPorto, A. C. M.; Gwinner, R.; Miranda, R. N.; Lopes, F. S.; Pereira, W. A.; Pasqual, M.; Santos, J. B.
18-Aug-2016Expression and validation of PvPGIP genes for resistance to white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)Vasconcellos, R. C. C.; Lima, T. F. C.; Fernandes-Brum, C. N.; Chalfun-Junior, A.; Santos, J. B.
6-Feb-2015Identification of QTLs of resistance to white mold in common bean from multiple markers by using Bayesian analysisLara, L. A. C.; Santos, J. B.; Balestre, M.; Lima, I. A.; Pamplona, A. K. A.; Veloso, J. S.; Silva, P. H.
Mar-2010Identification of SSR markers to the resistance alleles of Phaseolus vulgaris L. to the nematoda Meloidogyne incognita Race 1Ferreira, S.; Antônio, R.P.; Santos, J. B.; Gomes, L. A. A. dos; Maluf, W. R.; Silveira Jr., H.; Oliveira, D. P.
25-Sep-2015A new method of QTL identification for undersaturated mapsPamplona, A. K. A.; Balestre, M.; Lara, L. A. C.; Santos, J. B.; Bueno Filho, J. S. S.
28-Jul-2017QTLs of morpho-agronomic traits in the Jalo x Small White common bean populationSouza, D. A.; Balestre, M.; Pamplona, A. K. A.; Pinheiro, L. R.; Alves, F. C.; Pereira, D. R.; Santos, J. B.
2014Reaction of common bean lines and aggressiveness of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum isolatesSilva, P. H.; Santos, J. B.; Lima, I. A.; Lara, L. A. C.; Alves, F. C.
26-Aug-2018White mold resistance-associated quantitative trait loci in the Jalo x Small White common bean populationSouza, D. A.; Balestre, M.; Pamplona, A. K.; Leite, M. E.; Dias, J. A.; Santos, J. B.