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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2011Direct hepatic tissue PO2 measurements in sepsis and tamponade modelsSilva, Eliezer; Rehder, P.; Pereira, Adriano José; Colombari, F.; Figueiredo, L. F. P.
23-Jun-2009Do right atrium to mixed venous oxygen saturation gradients mirror heart oxygen uptake?Pereira, Adriano José; Rehder, P.; Dias, C.; Figueiredo, L.; Silva, Eliezer
1-Mar-2010Impact of Surviving Sepsis Campaign implementation in BrazilMachado, F.; Pereira, Adriano José; Silva, C.; Schippers, P.; Ferreira, E.; Akamine, N.; Assunção, M.; Mazza, B. F.; Costa Filho, R.; Fernandes, H.; Grion, C.; Oliveira, M.; Maia, M. O.; Silva, Eliezer
23-Jun-2009Lactate generation is not related to tissue partial pressure of oxygen levels in sepsisPereira, Adriano José; Rehder, P.; Dias, C.; Figueiredo, L.; Silva, Eliezer
22-Jun-2011Myocardial energy metabolism in sepsis and in anemic, stagnant and hypoxic hypoxiaPereira, Adriano José; Rehder, P.; Figueiredo, L. F. P.; Colombari, F.; Backer, D.; Silva, Eliezer
Oct-2017Quality improvement initiatives in sepsis in an emerging country: does the institution’s main source of income influence the results? an analysis of 21,103 patientsMachado, Flavia R.; Ferreira, Elaine M.; Sousa, Juliana Lubarino; Silva, Carla; Schippers, Pierre; Pereira, Adriano; Cardoso, Ilusca M.; Salomão, Reinaldo; Japiassu, Andre; Akamine, Nelson; Mazza, Bruno F.; Assunção, Murillo S. C.; Fernandes, Haggeas S.; Bossa, Aline; Monteiro, Mariana B.; Caixeita, Noemi; Azevedo, Luciano C. P.; Silva, Eliezer
2009A randomized controlled trial comparing a computer-assisted insulin infusion protocol with a strict and a conventional protocol for glucose control in critically ill patientsCavalcanti, Alexandre B.; Silva, Eliezer; Pereira, Adriano José; Caldeira-Filho, Milton; Almeida, Francisca P.; Westphal, Glauco A.; Beims, Renate; Fernandes, Caio C.; Correa, Thiago D.; Gouvea, Marcos R.; Eluf-Neto, José
1-Mar-2010Regional lactate and oxygen saturation gradients: preliminary experimental dataPereira, Adriano José; Rehder, P.; Dias, C.; Figueiredo, L.; Silva, Eliezer