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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comportamento das variáveis morfológicas e da água corporal durante as fases de um ciclo menstrualSantos, Francielle Pereira; Costa, Poliana de Lima; Silva, Cintia C. D. R. da; Silva, Sandro F. da
2018Effects of post-activation potentiation on neuromuscular and metabolic parametersCardoso, Delvis M.; Silva, Gaspar P. da; Guimarães, Miller P.; Moreira, Osvaldo C.; Abad-Colil, Felipe; Silva, Sandro F. da
2016Influence of different speeds of muscle actions in the maximum dynamic strength, in the maximum volume of repetitions, and rated perceived exertionSouza, Hiago L. R. de; Campos, Yuri A. C.; Moreira, Osvaldo C.; Guimaraes, Miller P.; Silva, Gaspar P.; Silva, Sandro F. da
1-Oct-2017Is there a concordance between the lactate threshold and the heart rate deflection point during a progressive field test in moderately trained distance runners?Guimaraes, Miller P.; Campos, Yuri A. C.; Souza, Hiago L. R. de; Silva, Sandro F. da
Feb-2017Relationship between the anaerobic threshold identified through blood lactate between the discontinuous and resisted dynamic exercises in long distance runnersCampos, Yuri A. C.; Guimarães, Miller P.; Souza, Hiago L. R. de; Silva, Gaspar P. da; Domingos, Pablo R.; Resende, Nathalia M.; Silva, Sandro F. da; Vianna, Jeferson M.
Feb-2016The utilization of perceived exertion is valid for the determination of the training stress in young athletesManoel, Francisco de Assis; Melo, Bruno P.; Cruz, Ramon; Villela, Cristóvão A. R. S.; Alves, Danilo L.; Silva, Sandro F. da; Oliveira, Fernando Roberto de