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Jul-2023Carbon stock and uptake in the high-elevation tropical montane forests of the threatened Atlantic Forest hotspot: Ecosystem function and effects of elevation variationSouza, Cléber R.; Mariano, Ravi Fernandes; Maia, Vinícius Andrade; Pompeu, Patrícia Vieira; Santos, Rubens Manoel dos; Fontes, Marco Aurélio Leite
15-Oct-2021Different heights of resprouting by trees: response to small-scale environmental restrictions in a non-fire-prone Caatinga tropical dry forestSouza, Cléber R.; Gianasi, Fernanda M.; Maia, Vinícius A.; Silva, André Maciel da; Silva, Wilder B.; Santos, Rubens M.
May-2020Local-scale tree community ecotones are distinct vegetation types instead of mixed ones: a case study from the Cerrado - Atlantic forest ecotonal region in BrazilSouza, Cléber R.; Paula, Gabriela G. P.; Mendes, Carolina N.; Maia, Vinícius A.; Campos, Natália Aguiar; Araújo, Felipe C.; Mariano, Ravi F.; Oliveira, Henrique F.; Morel, Jean D.; Santos, Rubens M.
1-Jun-2021Long-term ecological trends of small secondary forests of the atlantic forest hotspot: A 30-year study caseSouza, Cléber R.; Maia, Vinicius A.; Aguiar-Campos, Natália de; Santos, Alisson B. M.; Rodrigues, André Ferreira; Farrapo, Camila L.; Gianasi, Fernanda M.; Paula, Gabriela G. P. de; Fagundes, Nathalle C. A.; Silva, Wilder B.; Santos, Rubens M.
1-Sep-2022Tropical forests in ecotonal regions as a carbon source linked to anthropogenic fires: a 15-year study case in Atlantic forest? Cerrado transition zoneSouza, Cléber R.; Maia, Vinícius A; Mariano, Ravi Fernandes; Souza, Fernanda Coelho de; Araújo, Felipe de Carvalho; Paula, Gabriela G.P. de; Menino, Gisele Cristina de Oliveira; Coelho, Polyanne Aparecida; Santos, Paola Ferreira; Morel, Jean Daniel; Santos, Rubens M.