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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2011Extender composition, osmolality and cryoprotectant effects on the motility of sperm in the Brazilian endangered species Brycon opalinus (Characiformes)Orfão, Laura Helena; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia; Corrêa, Fábio Mathias; Cosson, Jacky; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
15-Dec-2016Out-of-season sperm cryopreserved in different media of the Amazonian freshwater fish pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus)Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Pessoa, Nathalie Ommundsen; Carvalho, Maria Audalia Marques de; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
Mar-2009Sperm quality and cryopreservation of brazilian freshwater fish species: a reviewViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Godinho, Hugo Pereira
2012Extender composition, osmolality, cryoprotectant and equilibration time effects on fresh sperm motility of two characiformes fish: piracanjuba (brycon orbignyanus) and streaked prochilod (prochilodus lineatus)Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Gonçalves, Antônio Carlos Silveira; Reis Neto, Rafael Vilhena; Leal, Marcelo de Castro; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
2009Foreword for the special issue fish research in latin america: biodiversity, and basic and applied physiologyViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
2009Effects of osmolality on sperm morphology, motility and flagellar wave parameters in Northern pike (Esox lucius L.)Alavi, S. M. Hadi; Rodina, Marek; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Cosson, Jacky; Gela, David; Boryshpolets, Sergei; Linhart, Otomar
19-Dec-2016The effects of cryoprotectants on chilled pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus) embryos at various ontogenetic stagesPessoa, Nathalie Ommundsen; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Barbosa, Thales Cordeiro; Souza Filho, Francisco Gerson Mendes de; Soares Filho, Aldeney Andrade; Sousa, Míriam Luiza Nogueira Martins de; Lourenço, Athur Vinícius; Sampaio, Célia Maria Souza
May-2011Sperm cryopreservation of tiete tetra Brycon insignis (Characiformes): effects of cryoprotectants, extenders, thawing temperatures and activating agents on motility featuresViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Amaral, Thiciana B; Orfão, Laura Helena; Isaú, Ziara Aparecida; Caneppele, Danilo; Leal, Marcelo de Castro
19-Dec-2016Effects of extenders, cryoprotectants and freezing methods on sperm quality of the threatened Brazilian freshwater fish pirapitinga-do-sul Brycon opalinus (Characiformes)Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Orfão, Laura Helena; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Corrêa, Fábio Mathias; Caneppele, Danilo
2015Fresh, equilibrated and post-thaw sperm quality of piracanjuba brycon orbignyanus and streaked prochilod prochilodus lineatus males treated with either salmon gnrha and domperidone or pituitary extractViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Gonçalves, Antônio Carlos Silveira; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Leal, Marcelo de Castro