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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2016Out-of-season sperm cryopreserved in different media of the Amazonian freshwater fish pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus)Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Pessoa, Nathalie Ommundsen; Carvalho, Maria Audalia Marques de; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
19-Dec-2016The effects of cryoprotectants on chilled pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus) embryos at various ontogenetic stagesPessoa, Nathalie Ommundsen; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Barbosa, Thales Cordeiro; Souza Filho, Francisco Gerson Mendes de; Soares Filho, Aldeney Andrade; Sousa, Míriam Luiza Nogueira Martins de; Lourenço, Athur Vinícius; Sampaio, Célia Maria Souza
19-Dec-2016Effects of extenders, cryoprotectants and freezing methods on sperm quality of the threatened Brazilian freshwater fish pirapitinga-do-sul Brycon opalinus (Characiformes)Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Orfão, Laura Helena; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Corrêa, Fábio Mathias; Caneppele, Danilo
May-2016Occurrence of mycotoxins and yeasts and moulds identification in corn silages in tropical climateCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Krempser, P. M.; Batista, L. R.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.
Jun-2016Freezing, thawing and aging effects on beef tenderness from Bos indicus and Bos taurus cattleAroeira, Carolina N.; Torres Filho, Robledo A.; Fontes, Paulo Rogério; Gomide, Lúcio Alberto M.; Ramos, Alcinéia L. S.; Ladeira, Márcio Machado; Ramos, Eduardo Mendes
Jul-2016Residual effects of stylo on the morphogenetic and structural characteristics of palisadegrass pastureAlves, Eveline B.; Menezes, Rodrigo C.; Lara, Márcio A. S.; Casagrande, Daniel R.; Bernardes, Thiago F.
Nov-2016Comparative well-being of horses kept under total or partial confinement prior to employment for mounted patrolsPessoa, Gabriela O.; Trigo, Pablo; Mesquita Neto, Francisco D.; Lacreta Junior, Antônio Carlos Cunha; Sousa, Ticiana M.; Muniz, Joel Augusto; Moura, Raquel Silva e
2016In vitro addition of docosahexaenoic acid improves the quality of cooled but not frozen–thawed stallion semenSilva, D. M.; Holden, S. A.; Lyons, A.; Souza, J. C.; Fair, S.
2016Ractopamine with dietary lysine concentrations above basal requirements of finishing barrows improves growth performance, carcass traits and modifies the mTor signalling pathwayFerreira, M. S. S.; Araújo, T. S.; Alves, A. C.; Porto, L. C. J.; Schinckel, A. P.; Rambo, Z. J.; Cantarelli, V. S.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Sousa, R. V.
20-Dec-2016Growing goats of different sexes have distinct metabolic responses to continuous feed restrictionSilva, Nhayandra C. D.; Härter, Carla J.; Figueiredo, Fernanda O. M.; Leite, Rafael F.; Santos Neto, José M.; Negrão, João A.; Teixeira, Izabelle A. M. A.; Resende, Kléber T.