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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Wild Lactobacillus hilgardii (CCMA 0170) strain modifies the fermentation profile and aerobic stability of corn silageReis, Camila Branda; Santos, Andréia de Oliveira dos; Carvalho, Beatriz Ferreira; Schwan, Rosane Freitas; Ávila, Carla Luiza da Silva
Jun-2018Optimal defoliation management of brachiaria grass–forage peanut for balanced pasture establishmentTamele, O. H.; Sá, O. A. A. Lopes de; Bernardes, T. F.; Lara, M. A. S.; Casagrande, D. R.
2018Effects of frutalin on early follicle morphology, ultrastructure and gene expression in cultured goat ovarian cortical tissueSoares, Maria A. A.; Costa, José J. N.; Vasconcelos, Gisvani L.; Ribeiro, Regislane P.; Souza, José C.; Silva, André L. C.; Van den Hurk, Robert; Silva, José R. V.
Feb-2018Swine foetal myogenesis in different gestation periodsPalencia, J. Y. P.; Garbossa, C. A. P.; Betarelli, R. P.; Fonseca, L. S.; Lanferdini, E.; Guimarães, G. C.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Schinckel, A. P.; Abreu, M. L. T.
Jan-2018Effects of replacing soybean meal with canola meal or treated canola meal on ruminal digestion, omasal nutrient flow, and performance in lactating dairy cowsPaula, E. M.; Broderick, G. A.; Danes, M. A. C.; Lobos, N. E.; Zanton, G. I.; Faciola, A. P.
Oct-2018Short communication: Effect of washing method, grinding size, and the determination of an indigestible fraction on in situ degradation of starch in mature corn grainFernandes, T.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pereira, M. N.; Ferraretto, L. F.
Feb-2018Oil sources administered to tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum): growth, body composition and effect of masking organoleptic properties and fasting on diet preferencePereira, Raquel Tatiane; Paulino, Renan Rosa; Almeida, Charlle Anderson Lima de; Rosa, Priscila Vieira; Orlando, Tamira Maria; Fortes-Silva, Rodrigo
2018Effects of maternal artificial vocalization on hyperprolific lactating sows and piglets behaviorMoreira, Rennan H. R.; Oliveira, Rodrigo F. de; Palencia, Jorge Y. P.; Lemes, Marina A. G.; Silva, Marilane D.; Garbossa, Cesar A. P.; Abreu, Márvio L. T. de; Moura, Giselle B. de; Ferreira, Rony A.
Oct-2018Presynchronization by induction of a largest follicle using a progesterone device in GnRH-based-ovulation synchronization protocol in crossbred dairy cowsSilva, L. A. C. L.; Simões, L. M. S.; Bottino, M. P.; Santos, A. P. C.; Santos, G.; Martinez, I. Y. H.; Souza, J. C.; Baruselli, P. S.; Sales, J. N. S.
2018Complexo enzimático à base de xilanase, β-glucanase e fitase em rações para poedeiras comerciais leves em pico de produçãoAbreu, M. T.; Fassani, E. J.; Silveira, M. M. B. M.; Viveiros, M. P.