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metadata.revistascielo.dc.title: WOOD WORKABILITY OF Eucalyptus grandis IN DIFFERENT REGION FROM PITH TO BARK
metadata.revistascielo.dc.creator: Silva, José Reinaldo Moreira da
Lima, José Tarcisio
Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
metadata.revistascielo.dc.subject: Eucalyptus wood; woodworkability quality; radial variation
metadata.revistascielo.dc.publisher: CERNE
CERNE 12-Sep-2015
metadata.revistascielo.dc.description: Wood presents different pattern of variation in its properties from pith to bark. It is necessary to know wood workability variation to formulate alternatives to improve surface quality. Thus, this research aimed to identify the variation of wood machining properties in Eucaluptus grandis Hill ex. Maiden, according to ASTM (1995), from pith to bark and to compare results with mahogany and Brazilian Walnut woods. The results showed that different patterns of variation were found from pith to bark. Although cut conditions have been considered inadequate to improve surface qualities, which generated preliminary cleavage, the Eucalyptus grandis wood presented satisfactory surface quality. However, these results were poorer than those of mahogany and Brazilian Walnut.
metadata.revistascielo.dc.language: por
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