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metadata.revistascielo.dc.title: DEFICIENCY OF MACRONUTRIENTS IN SANGRA D’ÁGUA (Croton urucurana, Baill.) SEEDLINGS
metadata.revistascielo.dc.creator: Sorreano, Maria Claudia Mendes
Malavolta, Eurípedes
Silva, Denis Herisson da
Cabral, Cleusa Pereira
Rodrigues, Ricardo Ribeiro
metadata.revistascielo.dc.subject: Native specie, foliar nutrient diagnosis, mineral plant nutrition
metadata.revistascielo.dc.publisher: CERNE
CERNE 11-May-2015
metadata.revistascielo.dc.description: This study had the objectives of inducing and describing defi ciency symptoms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur, and evaluating the effect of nutrient omission on the foliar mineral composition of “sangra d’água” (Croton urucurana) young plants. The experiment was carried out in a green house and used the technique of diagnosis by subtraction. The experimental design was of randomized blocks, with seven treatments and three replicates. Macronutrient omission led to morphological alterations expressed by visual symptoms being the fi rst symptons occurring on the treatments with omission of N, K, Ca and Mg treatments, and later on the treatments with omission of P and S. Growth parameters, namely height, diameter, number of leaves and of branches were affected by the treatments with omission of N, Ca and Mg. Dry matter yield was not signifi cantly decreased by the omission of macronutrients.
metadata.revistascielo.dc.language: por
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