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Title: Changes in metabolites in plant roots after inoculation with Meloidogyne incognita
Keywords: Nematodes - Resistance
Root-knot nematode
Meloidogyne incognita - inoculation
Nematóides - Resistência
Nematodo de nó de raiz
Meloidogyne incognita - Inoculação
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Brill
Citation: CAMPOS, V. A. C. et al. Changes in metabolites in plant roots after inoculation with Meloidogyne incógnita. Nematology, Leiden, v. 15, n. 5, p. 579-588, 2012.
Abstract: The study of the metabolic variations in plant roots up to 96 h after their inoculation with second-stage juveniles (J2) of Meloidogyne incognita revealed that soybean cultivars resistant to this nematode produced more soluble phenols and alkaloids. In tomato plants the resistance to M. incognita correlates with the production of soluble phenols, the concentrations of which were always higher in the resistant cultivar. For common bean plants the production of soluble carbohydrates, especially sucrose, increased after their inoculation. However, the extracts of roots from plants resistant to M. incognita did not increase the in vitro mortality of J2.
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