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Title: Controle da antracnose e da mancha angular do feijoeiro comum com indutores de resistência
Keywords: Feijoeiro - Mancha angular
Feijoeiro - Antracnose
Indução de resistência
Feijão - Melhoramento genético
Bean - Leaf spot
Bean - Anthracnose
Induction of resistance
Induction of resistance
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Fundação Educacional de Ituverava
Citation: GONTIJO NETO, G. F. et al. Controle da antracnose e da mancha angular do feijoeiro comum com indutores de resistência. Nucleus, Ituverava, v. 13, n. 2, p. 199-208, out. 2016.
Abstract: This study assessed the influence of resistance inducers in controlling bean diseases. It was evaluated two doses of calcium silicate combined with potassium silicate, acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM), orthophosphate, manganese phosphite, manganese sulfate, fungicide and water, on the severity, incidence and development of anthracnose and bean plant development. The second experiment evaluated the effect of six foliar treatments (five resistance inducers and water) with and without fungicides on anthracnose and angular leaf spot control and plant yield. Resistance inducing molecules influenced the incidence and severity of anthracnose. Plants treated with ASM, orthophosphate, manganese sulfate and manganese sulfate were down 10.3% the area under the progression of severity curve when compared to the control. There was no effect of calcium silicate supplementation on the anthracnose control and plant development. Plants sprayed with orthophosphate and coffee bark extract showed lower values of area under the curve in the progression of anthracnose incidence when compared to the control. There was no influence of resistance inducers on the severity of anthracnose and angular leaf spot. The use of inducers when combined with fungicides did not provide additional effect on disease control and bean productivity.
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