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dc.creatorRamalho, Fernanda Maria Guedes-
dc.creatorSimetti, Rodrigo-
dc.creatorArriel, Taiana Guimarães-
dc.creatorLoureiro, Breno Assis-
dc.creatorHein, Paulo Ricardo Gherardi-
dc.identifier.citationRAMALHO, F. M. G. et al. Influence of Particles Size on NIR Spectroscopic Estimations of Charcoal Properties. Floresta e Ambiente, Seropédica, v. 26, n. spe. 1, 2019. Não paginado.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of particle size of charcoal samples on the predictive model statistics of charcoal chemical composition based on the NIR spectroscopy. Spectra of Acacia and of Eucalyptus charcoal were collected in the 100, 60 and 40 mesh granulometry, besides the powder remaining at the bottom of the sieves sets. They were subjected to principal component analysis and partial least square regression in order to estimate of volatile material (VMC), ash (AC) and fixed carbon content (FCC) values. The estimation of the FCC, VMC and AC of Eucalyptus based on NIR was more accurate using spectra of lower-particle-size powder. The models for Acacia charcoal were better using spectra measured at 40 mesh to predict FCC, 100 mesh for AC, and smaller size for VMC. NIR spectroscopy was efficient in estimating the immediate chemical composition of charcoal, except for AC.pt_BR
dc.publisherUniversidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiropt_BR
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
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dc.sourceFLORAM - Revista Floresta e Ambientept_BR
dc.subjectWood pyrolysispt_BR
dc.subjectProximate chemical analysispt_BR
dc.subjectForest biomasspt_BR
dc.subjectMadeira - Pirólisept_BR
dc.subjectCarvão vegetal - Análise químicapt_BR
dc.subjectEspectroscopia no infravermelho próximopt_BR
dc.subjectBiomassa florestalpt_BR
dc.titleInfluence of Particles Size on NIR Spectroscopic Estimations of Charcoal Propertiespt_BR
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