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dc.creatorBorel, Jerônimo Constantino-
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dc.identifier.citationBOREL, J. C. et al. Genetic control of the angular leaf spot reaction in common bean leaves and pods. Scientia Agricola, Piracicaba, v. 68, n. 6, p. 661-662, Nov./Dec. 2011. DOI:
dc.description.abstractInformation about genetic control of plant reaction to pathogens is essential in plant breeding programs focusing resistance. This study aimed to obtain information about genetic control of the angular leaf spot reaction in leaves and pods from common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) line ESAL 686. This line was crossed with cultivars Jalo EEP 558 (resistant), Cornell 49-242 (resistant) and Carioca MG (susceptible). Generations F1, F2 and backcrosses (BC11 and BC21) were obtained. In the dry season (2009), parents and respective populations were evaluated for angular leaf spot reaction under field conditions. Disease severity was evaluated on leaves and pods using diagrammatic scales. Severity scores were obtained and mean and variance genetic components were estimated for both. Segregation of F2 generation was analyzed for some crosses. Different genes control angular leaf spot reaction in leaves and pods. Mean and variance components showed predominance of additive effects. Heritability was high, however, was greater on pods than on leaves which indicated that leaf reaction is more influenced by the environment.pt_BR
dc.publisherEscola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz" (USP-Esalq)pt_BR
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dc.sourceScientia Agricolapt_BR
dc.subjectPseudocercospora griseolapt_BR
dc.subjectPlant disease resistancept_BR
dc.subjectPlant breedingpt_BR
dc.subjectGenetic control.pt_BR
dc.subjectPlantas - Resistência a doenças e pragaspt_BR
dc.subjectFeijão - Melhoramento genéticopt_BR
dc.subjectMancha angular do feijoeiro - Controle genéticopt_BR
dc.titleGenetic control of the angular leaf spot reaction in common bean leaves and podspt_BR
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