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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018Study of different Wall Matrix biopolymers on the properties of spray-dried pequi oil and on the stability of bioactive compoundsOliveira, Érica R.; Fernandes, Regiane V. B.; Botrel, Diego A.; Carmo, Eloá L.; Borges, Soraia V.; Queiroz, Fabiana
Aug-2017Effect of dextrose equivalent on physical and chemical properties of lime essential oil microparticlesCampelo, Pedro Henrique; Carmo, Eloá Lourenço do; Zacarias, Rosana Domingues; Yoshida, Maria Irene; Ferraz, Vany Perpétua; Fernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros; Botrel, Diego Alvarenga; Borges, Soraia Vilela
Sep-2016Pulsed vacuum osmotic dehydration of tomatoes: Sodium incorporation reduction and kinetics modelingCorrêa, Jefferson Luiz Gomes; Ernesto, Dovel Branquinho; Mendonça, Kamilla Soares de
2017Evaluation of the adsorption behavior of freeze-dried passion fruit pulp with added carriers by traditional biospeckle laser techniquesAmaral, Isis Celena; Resende, Jaime Vilela de; Braga Júnior, Roberto Alves; Lima, Renato Ribeiro de
13-Apr-2014Effect of solids content and oil load on the microencapsulation process of rosemary essential oilFernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros; Marques, Gerson Reginaldo; Borges, Soraia Vilela; Botrel, Diego Alvarenga
Mar-2018Infrared (IR) thermography applied in the freeze-drying of gelatin model solutions added with ethanol and carrier agentsGonçalves, Bárbara Jordana; Lago, Amanda Maria Teixeira; Machado, Amanda Alvarenga; Giarola, Tales Márcio de Oliveira; Prado, Mônica Elisabeth Torres; Resende, Jaime Vilela de
Mar-2018Stability of lime essential oil microparticles produced with protein-carbohydrate blendsCampelo, Pedro Henrique; Sanches, Edgar Aparecido; Fernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros; Botrel, Diego Alvarenga; Borges, Soraia Vilela
Jun-2018Utility of blended polymeric formulations containing Cellulose Nanofibrils for encapsulation and controlled release of sweet orange essential oilSouza, Hugo Junior Barboza de; Fernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros; Borges, Soraia Vilela; Felix, Pedro Henrique Campelo; Viana, Lívia Cássia; Lago, Amanda Maria Teixeira; Botrel, Diego Alvarenga