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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020Thermal Entanglement and Correlated Coherence in Two Coupled Double Quantum Dots SystemsFilgueiras, Cleverson; Santos, Onofre Rojas; Leyva, Moisés Porfírio Rojas
Dec-2020Quantum particle motion on the surface of a helicoid in the presence of an harmonic oscillatorRibeiro Junior, Marcos C. R.; Cunha, Márcio M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O.
Aug-2020ZnO thin films design: the role of precursor molarity in the spray pyrolysis processGodoy, M. P. F. de; Herval, L. K. S. de; Cotta, A. A. C.; Onofre, Y. J.; Macedo, W. A. A.
Mar-2014The magnetization plateaus of the ferro and anti-ferro spin-1 classical models with Sz2 termSouza, S. M. de; Thomaz, M. T.
15-Sep-2011The β-expansion of periodic dressed chain modelsSilva, E. V. Corrêa; Souza, S. M. de; Thomaz, M. T.
Dec-2012Translocação do inseticida tiametoxam no floema de mamoneiras, utilizadas como plantas-modeloTorres, Fabrícia Zimermann Vilela; Rigitano, Renê Luís de Oliveira
15-Nov-2015Discreteness induced extinctionSantos, Renato Vieira dos; Silva, Linaena Méricy da
Jul-2014Kinetically-driven frustration in hybrid spin laddersCarvalho, R. C. P.; Pereira, M. S. S.; Lyra, M. L.; Rojas, O.; Strečka, J.
2014On the particle-hole symmetry of the fermionic spinless Hubbard model in D=1Thomaz, M. T.; Silva, E. V. Corrêa; Rojas, O.
6-Jun-2014Magnetic, thermal, and entanglement properties of a distorted Ising-Hubbard diamond chainNalbandyan, Mikayel; Lazaryan, Hrachya; Rojas, Onofre; Souza, Sergio Martins de; Ananikian, Nerses
7-Mar-2014Magnetization non-rational quasi-plateau and spatially modulated spin order in the model of the single-chain magnet, [{(CuL) 2Dy}{Mo(CN) 8}]·2CH3CN·H2OBellucci, Stefano; Ohanyan, Vadim; Rojas, Onofre
3-Jul-2013Thermal entanglement in an orthogonal dimer-plaquette chain with alternating Ising-Heisenberg couplingPaulinelli, H. G.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre
3-May-2013Interplay between spin frustration and thermal entanglement in the exactly solved Ising-Heisenberg tetrahedral chainRojas, Onofre; Strečka, Jozef; Lyra, Marcelo L.
28-Feb-2014Magnetization process, bipartite entanglement, and enhanced magnetocaloric effect of the exactly solved spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg tetrahedral chainStrečka, Jozef; Rojas, Onofre; Verkholyak, Taras; Lyra, Marcelo L.
2012The high-temperature expansion of the classical Ising model with S_{z}^{2} termThomaz, M. T.; Rojas, O.
25-May-2012Equivalence between non-bilinear spin-S Ising model and Wajnflasz modelRojas, O.; Souza, S. M. de
21-Jun-2012Geometrical frustration of an extended Hubbard diamond chain in the quasiatomic limitRojas, Onofre; Souza, S. M. de; Ananikian, N. S.
1-Feb-2012Bijection between spin S=pm-1/2 and a cluster of M spins σ=p-1/2Izmailian, N. Sh.; Rojas, Onofre; Souza, S. M. de
25-May-2012Thermal entanglement of a spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg model on a symmetrical diamond chainAnanikian, N. S.; Ananikyan, L. N.; Chakhmakhchyan, L. A.; Rojas, Onofre
8-Feb-2012Spontaneous distortion in the spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg model on decorated planar lattices with a magnetoelastic couplingStrečka, J.; Rojas, O.; Souza, S. M. de
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 252