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dc.creatorSabino, Ticyane Pereira Freire-
dc.creatorSurdi, Paula Gabriella-
dc.creatorVilela, Alan Pereira-
dc.creatorMetzker, Stefânia Lima Oliveira-
dc.creatorCoelho, Nayane Pereira Freire-
dc.creatorOliveira, Tiago José Pires de-
dc.creatorMendes, Rafael Farinassi-
dc.identifier.citationSABINO, T. P. F. et al. Effect of the post-heat treatment on the properties of medium density particleboard of Eucalyptus sp. Floresta e Ambiente, Seropédica, v. 28, n. 3, e20200079, 2021. DOI: 10.1590/2179-8087-FLORAM-2020-0079.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractHeat treatment aims to reduce the compression stresses generated during the panel production, improving its dimensional stability and providing greater resistance to attack by xylophagous organisms, despite decreasing the mechanical properties. This work aimed to evaluate the physical-mechanical properties of medium density particleboard (MDP) of Eucalyptus sp. subjected to post-heat treatment with two temperature levels (200 and 260ºC) and two periods (5 or 10 minutes). The apparent density, water absorption and thickness swelling (TS) after 2 and 24h, internal bonding, MOE and MOR in static bending were evaluated. The post-heat treatment at 200 °C for 5 minutes was the most efficient, improving the TS, with smaller reductions in the mechanical properties. The temperature had a greater influence in the first hours of immersion in water (TS2h), while for a longer period (TS24h) the heat treatment time was more effective. The temperature influenced the mechanical properties more negatively than the heat treatment time.pt_BR
dc.publisherInstituto de Florestas da Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiropt_BR
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.rightsacesso abertopt_BR
dc.sourceFloresta e Ambientept_BR
dc.subjectDimensional stabilitypt_BR
dc.subjectEucalyptus particleboardpt_BR
dc.subjectPhysical-mechanical propertiespt_BR
dc.subjectThermal modificationpt_BR
dc.subjectEstabilidade dimensionalpt_BR
dc.subjectPropriedades físico-mecânicaspt_BR
dc.subjectEucalipto - MDPpt_BR
dc.subjectModificação térmicapt_BR
dc.titleEffect of the post-heat treatment on the properties of medium density particleboard of Eucalyptus sp.pt_BR
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