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dc.creatorMendes, Juliana Farinassi-
dc.creatorNorcino, Laís Bruno-
dc.creatorManrich, Anny-
dc.creatorOliveira, Tiago José Pires de-
dc.creatorMendes, Rafael Farinassi-
dc.creatorMattoso, Luiz Henrique Capparelli-
dc.identifier.citationMENDES, J. F. et al. Pectin-based color indicator films incorporated with spray-dried Hibiscus extract microparticles. Food Research International, Barking, v. 162, 111914, Dec. 2022. Part A. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodres.2022.111914.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractColorimetric films incorporated with anthocyanins as an indicator for freshness monitoring have aroused growing interest recently. The pH-sensing colorimetric film were developed based on pectin (HM), containing aqueous hibiscus extract microparticles (HAE). HAE microparticles were obtained by spray drying with different wall materials (Inulin -IN, maltodextrin- MD and their combination). The films were obtained on large scale by continuous casting. These films were characterized for physicochemical analysis, morphological structure, thermal and barrier properties, antioxidant activity, and color change at different pH. The addition of HAE microparticles caused relevant changes to HM-based films, such as in mechanical behavior and improved barrier property (11–22% WVTR reduction) depending on the type of wall material used and the concentration added. It was verified with the thermal stability of films, with a slight increase being observed. The color variation of smart films was entirely pH-dependent. Overall, the proposed color indicator films showed unique features and functionalities and could be used as an alternative natural pH indicator in smart packaging systems.pt_BR
dc.sourceFood Research Internationalpt_BR
dc.subjectIntelligent packagingpt_BR
dc.subjectBiopolymer filmspt_BR
dc.subjectContinuous castingpt_BR
dc.subjectEmbalagem inteligentept_BR
dc.subjectFilmes de biopolímeropt_BR
dc.titlePectin-based color indicator films incorporated with spray-dried Hibiscus extract microparticlespt_BR
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