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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017SAWNWOOD QUALITY OF Eucalyptus dunnii AS A FUNCTION OF SAWING MODEL AND MOISTURE CONTENTRocha, Márcio Pereira da; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
1-Aug-2017LONGITUDINAL VARIATION ON WOOD DENSITY OF Pinus oocarpaMendes, Lourival Marin; Silva, José Reinaldo Moreira da; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Lima, José Tarcísio
1-Aug-2017EFFECT OF EXTRACTIVES AND CARBONIZATION TEMPERATURE ON ENERGY CHARACTERISTICS OF WOOD WASTE IN AMAZON RAINFORESTMoulin, Jordão Cabral; Nobre, João Rodrigo Coimbra; Castro, Jonnys Paz; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Arantes, Marina Donária Chaves
1-Aug-2017CANONICAL CORRELATIONS BETWEEN CHEMICAL AND ENERGETIC CHARACTERISTICS OF LIGNOCELLULOSIC WASTESProtásio, Thiago de Paula; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; Guimarães Júnior, Mário; Bufalino, Lina; Couto, Allan Motta; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
1-Aug-2017INFLUENCE OF TANGENTIAL BREAK DOWN METHODS ON THE YIELD AND ON THE QUALITY OF Eucalyptus spp SAWN TIMBERFerreira, Sérgio; Lima, José Tarcísio; Rosado, Sebastião Carlos da Silva; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
1-Aug-2017DEVELOPMENT OF ACTIVATED CARBON FROM BAMBOO (Bambusa vulgaris) FOR PESTICIDE REMOVAL FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTIONSSantana, Gregório Mateus; Lelis, Roberto Carlos Costa; Jaguaribe, Emerson Freitas; Morais, Rayssa de Medeiros; Paes, Juarez Benigno; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
1-Aug-2017THERMOGRAVIMETRIC ANALYSIS OF EUCALYPTUS CLONES AS A SUBSIDE FOR CHARCOAL PRODUCTIONSantos, Rosimeire Cavalcante dos; Carneiro, Angélica de Cássia Oliveira; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Mendes, Lourival Marin; Carvalho, Ana Márcia Macedo Ladeira
1-Aug-2017EVALUATION OF Eucalyptus CLONES FOR CHARCOAL PRODUCTIONTrugilho, Paulo Fernando; Lima, José Tarcísio; Mori, Fábio Akira; Lino, Ana Luiza
1-Aug-2017WOOD QUALITY OF FIVE SPECIES FROM CERRADO FOR PRODUCTION OF CHARCOALCosta, Tattiane Gomes; Bianchi, Maria Lúcia; Protásio, Thiago de Paula; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Pereira, Ariclene Júnior
1-Aug-2017ESTIMATE OF FIXED CARBON IN THE WOOD OF A HYBRID CLONE OF Eucalyptus urophylla AND Eucalyptus grandisTrugilho, Paulo Fernando; Arantes, Marina Donária Chaves; Pádua, Franciane Andrade de; Almado, Roosevelt de Paula; Baliza, Ana Elisa Rodarte