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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2022PLS Regression Based on ATR-FTIR to Predict Organomineral Fertilizers Properties and Nutrient PoolsMorais, Everton Geraldo de; Maluf, Henrique José Guimarães Moreira; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Paula, Leonardo Henrique Duarte de
Jan-2018Humic acid-phosphate fertilizer interaction and extractable phosphorus in soils of contrasting textureRosa, Sara Dantas; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Maluf, Henrique José Guimarães Moreira
Sep-2022Coffee plantations can strongly sequester soil organic carbon at high altitudes in BrazilFrança, Emmeline Machado; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Zinn, Yuri Lopes
Dec-2018Wheat nutrition and growth as affected by humic acid‐phosphate interactionRosa, Sara Dantas; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Maluf, Henrique José Guimarães Moreira
21-Jul-2016Growth, yield and content of trace elements in coffee fruits grown in soils under successive application of sewage sludgeCosta, Alisson Lucrecio da; Pinheiro, Gabriela Lúcia; Soares, Flávia Villela; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Lima, José Maria de
2016Combined effects of soil biotic and abiotic factors, influenced by sewage sludge incorporation, on the incidence of corn stalk rotGhini, Raquel; Fortes, Nara Lúcia Perondi; Navas-Cortés, Juan A.; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Bettiol, Wagner
1-Mar-2018Soil C: N ratios are unresponsive to land use change in Brazil: a comparative analysisZinn, Yuri Lopes; Marrenjo, Gonçalves Jotamo; Silva, Carlos Alberto
2016Physico-chemical evaluation of organic wastes compost-based substrates for Eucalyptus seedlings growthHigashikawa, Fábio Satoshi; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Nunes, Cleiton Antônio; Bettiol, Wagner; Guerreiro, Mário César
2020Phosphorus availability and soybean growth in contrasting oxisols in response to humic acid concentrations combined with phosphate sourcesRosa, Sara Dantas; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Maluf, Henrique José Guimarães Moreira
Mar-2018Molecular characterization of biochar from five Brazilian agricultural residues obtained at different charring temperaturesSchellekens, Judith; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Buurman, Peter; Rittl, Tatiana F.; Domingues, Rimena R.; Justi, Marina; Vidal-Torrado, Pablo; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando