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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Factors associated with the desire for orthodontic treatment among brazilian adolescents and their parentsMarques, Leandro S.; Pordeus, Isabela A.; Ramos-Jorge, Maria L.; Filogônio, Cid A.; Filogônio, Cintia B.; Pereira, Luciano J.; Paiva, Saul M.
2018N-3 Ingestion may modulate the severity of periodontal disease? Systematic reviewAzzi, Diana Vilela; Viafara, Jesús Alfonso Sánchez; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Lima, Renato Ribeiro; Marques, Leandro Silva; Pereira, Luciano J.
2012Influence of periodontal treatment on objective measurement of masticatory performancePereira, Luciano J.; Gazolla, Cátia M.; Magalhães, Isabela B.; Dominguete, Matheus H. L.; Vilela, Guilherme R.; Castelo, Paula M.; Marques, Leandro S.; van der Bilt, Andries
2013Preadolescent's oral health-related quality of life during the first month of fixed orthodontic appliance therapyAbreu, Lucas G.; Lages, Elizabeth M. B.; Abreu, Mauro H. N. G.; Pereira, Luciano J.; Paiva, Saul M.
Jun-2016Favourable effects of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis on experimental periodontitis in ratsMessora, Michel R.; Pereira, Luciano J.; Foureaux, Renata; Oliveira, Luiz F. F.; Sordi, Caio G.; Alves, Ana J. N.; Napimoga, Marcelo H.; Nagata, Maria J. H.; Ervolino, Edilson; Furlaneto, Flávia A. C.
2009Aesthetic impact of malocclusion in the daily living of brazilian adolescentsMarques, Leandro S.; Filogônio, Cid A.; Filogônio, Cíntia B.; Pereira, Luciano J.; Pordeus, Isabela A.; Paiva, Saul M; Ramos-Jorge, Maria L.
2011Extraction of four premolars in black patients with bi-protrusion: aesthetic perceptions of professionals and lay peopleMarques, Leandro Silva; Chaves, Katiuscia C.; Ramos-Jorge, Maria Letícia; Pereira, Luciano J.
Dec-2011Detection and clonal analysis of anaerobic bacteria associated to endodontic-periodontal lesionsPereira, Cássio V.; Stipp, Rafael N.; Fonseca, Douglas C.; Pereira, Luciano J.; Höfling, José F.
Feb-2011Treatment of chronic periodontitis and its impact on masticationPereira, Luciano J.; Gazolla, Cátia M.; Magalhães, Isabela B.; Jorge, Maria Letícia Ramos; Marques, Leandro S.; Gameiro, Gustavo H.; Fonseca, Douglas C.; Castelo, Paula M.
Mar-2022Influence of eating with distractors on caloric intake of children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis of interventional controlled studiesMartins, Natácia C.; Bezerra, Adriana P.; Godoy, Ana C. V.; Andrade, Eric F.; Gonçalves, Thais M. S. V.; Pereira, Luciano J.