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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2014Estrogen, but not progesterone, induces the activity of nitric oxide synthase within the medial preoptic area in female ratsLima, Fernanda Barbosa; Ota, Fábio Honda; Cabral, Fernanda Jankur; Bianco-Borges, Bruno Del; Franci, Celso Rodrigues
16-Apr-2015Estrogen-dependent post-translational change in the nitric oxide system may mediate the leptin action on LH and prolactin secretionBianco-Borges, Bruno Del; Franci, Celso Rodrigues
May-2017Systematic in vitro assessment of responses of roGFP2-based probes to physiologically relevant oxidant speciesMüller, Alexandra; Schneider, Jannis F.; Degrossoli, Adriana; Lupilova, Nataliya; Dick, Tobias P.; Leichert, Lars I.
Feb-2020Leptin actions through the nitrergic system to modulate the hypothalamic expression of the kiss1 mRNA in the female ratPetrine, J. C. P.; Franci, C. R.; Del Bianco-Borges, B.
Dec-2020Estradiol and the feeding state modulate the interaction between leptin and the nitrergic system in female ratsOliveira, L. L. B.; Borges, Bruno Del Bianco; Franci, C. R.
Nov-2020Nitric oxide in the insular cortex modulates baroreflex responses in a cGMP-independent pathwayFerreira Junior, Nilson C.; Crestani, Carlos C.; Lagatta, Davi C.; Resstel, Leonardo B. M.; Correa, Fernando M. A.; Alves, Fernando H. F.
2013Mechanism of the vasodilator effect of mono-oxygenated xanthones: a structure-activity relationship studyDiniz, Thiago Frederico; Pereira, Aline Carvalho; Capettini, Luciano; Santos, Marcelo Rodrigues dos; Nagem, Tanus Jorge; Lemos, Virgínia Soares; Côrtes, Steyner de França