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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Thermal analysis of cement panels with lignocellulosic materials for buildingFerraz, P. F. P.; Mendes, R. F.; Ferraz, G. A. S.; Carvalho, V. R.; Avelino, M. R. C.; Narciso, C. R. P.; Eugênio, T. M. C.; Cadavid, V. G.; Bambi, G.
May-2020Growth and yield of soybean cultivated in agroforestry systemsCristo, Edinéia de; Sgarbossa, Jaqueline; Schwerz, Felipe; Nardini, Claiton; Tibolla, Liliane Bárbara; Caron, Braulio Otomar
2019Adjustment of mathematical models and the quality of drying the pulped coffee at different air conditionsCoradi, Paulo Carteri; Saath, Reni; Reinato, Carlos Henrique; Borém, Flávio Meira
Apr-2019Fuzzy system to evaluate performance and the physiological responses of piglets raised in the farrowing house with different solar heating systemsDamasceno, Flávio Alves; Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Alves; Abreu, Lucas Henrique Pedrozo; Osorio Saraz, Jairo Alexander; Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano
Jun-2021Parâmetros técnicos, econômicos e ambientais de máquinas florestais em função de configurações do motor e bomba hidráulicaSantos, Diego Weslly Ferreira do Nascimento; Valente, Domingos Sárvio Magalhães; Fernandes, Haroldo Carlos; Souza, Amaury Paulo; Volpato, Carlos Eduardo Silva
2022Pre-cooling water applied to porous plates of evaporative cooling systemsFernandes, João Levi Bastos; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Moura, Giselle Borges de; Ribeiro, Alex de Oliveira
2019Productive responses from broiler chickens raised in different commercial production system - part II: impact of climate changeLourençoni, Dian; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Yanagi, Silvia de N. M.; Abreu, Paulo G. de; Campos, Alessandro T.
2020Chemical analyses of lignocellulosic materials residue for cement panels reinforcementFerraz, P. F. P.; Mendes, R. F.; Ferraz, G. A. S.; Rossi, G.; Conti, L.; Barbari, M.
2018Performance of fuzzy inference systems to predict the surface temperature of broiler chickensBahuti, Marcelo; Abreu, Lucas H. P.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Lima, Renato R. de; Campos, Alessandro T.
Sep-2022Can the tractor's cabin allow the noise at the operator's station?Marques Filho, Aldir Carpes; Lanças, kléber Pereira