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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Use of the fuzzy clustering algorithm for pattern recognition in feed consumption data of pure New Zealand white rabbits exposed to varied thermal challengesSilva, Maria Alice Junqueira Gouvêa; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Moura, Raquel Silva de; Ferraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano; Ribeiro, Bruna Pontara Vilas Boas; Bahuti, Marcelo
2022Pre-cooling water applied to porous plates of evaporative cooling systemsFernandes, João Levi Bastos; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Moura, Giselle Borges de; Ribeiro, Alex de Oliveira
25-Feb-2020Fuzzy-genetic approaches to knowledge discovery and decision making: Estimation of the cloacal temperature of chicks exposed to different thermal conditionsHernández-Julio, Yamid F.; Ferraz, Patrícia F. P.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Ferraz, Gabriel A. e S.; Nieto-Bernal, Wilson
2020Using sounds produced by pigs to identify thermoneutrality zones for thermal environment assessment ratiosAmaral, Pedro I. S.; Campos, Alessandro T.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Cecchin, Daiane; Leite, Evandro M.; Silva, Nhayandra C. Dias e
Feb-2021An evaluation of the thermal and luminous environment of laying hen aviaries equipped with light-emitting diode and compact fluorescent lamps and their effects on production and egg qualityRibeiro, Priscilla A. P.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Lima, Renato R. de; Oliveira, Daniela D. de; Abreu, Lucas H. P.
19-May-2021Modelagem do consumo alimentar e padrões comportamentais de coelhos Nova Zelândia Branco submetidos a desafios crônicos por altas temperaturasSilva, Maria Alice Junqueira Gouvêa; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Ferraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano; Moura, Raquel Silva de; Abreu, Lucas Henrique Pedrozo de; Lima, Renato Ribeiro de
Oct-2020Thermoneutral zone for laying hens based on environmental conditions, enthalpy and thermal comfort indexesRibeiro, Bruna Pontara Vilas Boas; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Oliveira, Daniela Duarte de; Lima, Renato Ribeiro de; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto