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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2020Bean–soybean succession under full sun and in agroforestry systems: Impacts on radiation use efficiency, growth and yieldSgarbossa, Jaqueline; Elli, Elvis Felipe; Schwerz, Felipe; Nardini, Claiton; Knapp, Fábio Miguel; Schmidt, Denise; Lúcio, Alessandro Dal’Col; Caron, Braulio Otomar
Sep-2020Morphology, growth and yield of black oats cultivated in agroforestry systems in southern BrazilSgarbossa, Jaqueline; Elli, Elvis Felipe; Schwerz, Felipe; Nardini, Claiton; Cristo, Edinéia de; Oliveira, Davi de; Caron, Braulio Otomar
2021Application of pineapple fiber in the development of sustainable mortarsAzevedo, A. R. G. de; Rocha, H. A.; Marvila, M. T.; Cecchin, D.; Xavier, G. C.; Silva, R. C. da; Ferraz, P. F. P.; Conti, L.; Rossi, G.
2021Bibliometric analysis on the use of natural fibers in construction materialsFerreira, G. M. G.; Cecchin, D.; Azevedo, A. R. G.; Valadão, I. C. R. P.; Costa, K. A.; Silva, T. R.; Ferreira, F.; Amaral, P. I. S.; Huther, C. M.; Sousa, F. A.; Castro, J. O.; Ferraz, P. F. P.; Teixeira, M. A.
Nov-2020Physical, mechanical and thermal behavior of concrete block stabilized with glass fiber reinforced polymer wastePortela, Jaqueline Damiany; Gandia, Rômulo Marçal; Araújo, Bárbara Lemes Outeiro; Pereira, Rodrigo Allan; Gomes, Francisco Carlos
2021Soil-cement blocks: a sustainable alternative for the reuse of industrial solid wasteSilva, Tulane Rodrigues da; Cecchin, Daiane; Azevedo, Afonso Rangel Garcez de; Alexandre, Jonas; Valadão, Izabella Christynne Ribeiro Pinto; Bernardino, Nivam Alves; Carmo, Dirlane de Fátima do; Ferraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano
2020Characterization of materials used in the manufacture of ceramic tile with incorporation of ornamental rock wasteLuiz, N. F.; Cecchin, D.; Azevedo, A. R. G.; Alexandre, J.; Marvila, M. T.; Silva, F. C. da; Paes, A. L. C.; Pinheiro, V. D.; Carmo, D. F. do; Ferraz, P. F. P; Hüther, C. M.; Cruz, V. M. F. da; Barbari, M.