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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Principal components in the discrimination of outliers: a study in simulation sample data corrected by Pearson's and Yates´s chi-square distanceVeloso, Manoel Vitor de Souza; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
2017Methodology for constructing perceptual maps incorporating measuring error in sensory acceptance testsSantos, Elisa Norberto Ferreira; Liska, Gilberto Rodrigues; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
2016Generalized estimating equations to evaluate the dependence of lifetime in confined africanized beesBrighenti, Carla Guimarães; Miranda, Yola Serpa; Resende, Mariana; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo; Brighenti, Deodoro Magno
2018A new approach to simple correspondence analysis with emphasis on the violation of the independence assumption of the levels of categorical variablesCosta, André Luís Alves; Brighenti, Carla Regina Guimarães; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
2018Biomass and carbon in a seasonal semideciduous forest in Minas GeraisSilva, Helane França; Ribeiro, Sabina Cerruto; Botelho, Soraya Alvarenga; Liska, Gilberto Rodrigues; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
Sep-2018Selection criterion of work matrix as a function of limiting estimates of the covariance matrix of correlated data in GEESilva, Jackelya Araujo da; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
2018Analysis of defects in coffee beans compared to biplots for simultaneous tablesBrighenti, Carla Regina Guimarães; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
May-2012Robust regression estimates in the prediction of latent variables in structural equation modelsCirillo, Marcelo Angelo; Barroso, Lúcia Pereira
2010Identificação de outliers por alocação das observações através do modelo Poisson aplicado ao número de casos de Aids diagnosticados no BrasilNepomucena, Tania Miranda; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo
Jul-2016Interaction of genotype, environment and processing in the chemical composition expression and sensorial quality of Arabica coffeeRibeiro, Diego Egídio; Borem, Flavio Meira; Cirillo, Marcelo Angelo; Prado, Mariele Vilela Bernardes; Ferraz, Vany Perpetua; Alves, Helena Maria Ramos; Taveira, Jose Henrique da Silva