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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Dihydroisocoumarins produced by Xylaria sp. and Penicillium sp., endophytic fungi associated with Piper aduncum and Alibertia macrophyllaOliveira, Camila M.; Regasini, Luis O.; Silva, Geraldo H.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.; Young, Maria C. M.; Berlinck, Roberto G. S.; Bolzani, Vanderlan S.; Araujo, Angela R.
2010Citocalasinas produzidas por Xylaria sp., um fungo endofítico de Piper aduncum (piperaceae)-
Sep-2010Sesquiterpenes from Xylaria sp., an endophytic fungus associated with Piper aduncum (Piperaceae)Silva, Geraldo H.; Oliveira, Camila M. de; Teles, Helder L.; Pauletti, Patrícia M.; Castro-Gamboa, Ian; Silva, Dulce H. S.; Bolzani, Vanderlan S.; Young, Maria C. M.; Costa-Neto, Claudio M.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.; Berlinck, Roberto G. S.; Araujo, Angela R.
2010Fungal endophytes associated with the mistletoe Phoradendron perrottettii and its host tree Tapirira guianensisAbreu, L. M. de; Almeida, A. R.; Salgado, M.; Pfenning, L. H.
2010New hosts of myrothecium spp. in Brazil and a preliminary in vitro assay of fungicidesQuezado Duval, A.M.; Henz, G.P.; Paz-Lima, M.L.; Medeiros, A.R.; Miranda, B.E.C.; Pfenning, L.H.; Reis, A.
Mar-2010Cytosporones O, P and Q from an endophytic Cytospora sp.Abreu, Lucas M.; Phipps, Richard K.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.; Gotfredsen, Charlotte H.; Takahashi, Jacqueline A.; Larsen, Thomas O.
2009Novel antimicrobial secondary metabolites from a Penicillium sp. isolated from Brazilian cerrado soilPetit, Philippe; Lucas, Esther M. F.; Abreu, Lucas M.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.; Takahashi, Jacqueline A.
2009VCG and AFLP analyses identify the same groups in the causal agents of mango malformation in BrazilLima, Cristiano S.; Monteiro, Jean H. A.; Crespo, Natália C.; Costa, Sarah S.; Leslie, John F.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.
Feb-2009A new Fusarium lineage within the Gibberella fujikuroi species complex is the main causal agent of mango malformation disease in BrazilLima, C. S.; Pfenning, L. H.; Costa, S. S.; Campos, M. A.; Leslie, J. F.
Dec-2014Inductors of resistance and their role in photosynthesis and antioxidant system activity of coffee seedlingsFernandes, Luiz Henrique Monteiro; Silveira, Helbert Rezende de Oliveira; Souza, Kamila Rezende Dázio de; Resende, Mário Lúcio Vilela de; Alves, José Donizeti
2015Screening of endospore-forming bacteria for cotton seed treatment against bacterial blight and damping-offMedeiros, Flavio Henrique Vasconcelos de; Souza, Ricardo Magela de; Ferro, Henrique Monteiro; Zanotto, Edgar; Machado, José da Cruz; Medeiros, Fernanda Carvalho Lopes de
2015Genetic and aggressiveness variation among Sclerotinia sclerotiorum dry bean isolates from Brazil fieldsZancan, Willian Luis Antonio; Steadman, James R.; Higgins, Rebecca; Jhala, Rachana; Machado, José da Cruz
2015Relationship between mycelial inoculum of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and performance of sunflower seeds under controlled conditionsZancan, Willian Luis Antonio; Machado, José da Cruz; Baute, Nayara Lima; Sousa, Bruno Figueiredo Moretti de
2015Detection of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in soybean seeds by conventional and quantitative PCR techniquesBotelho, Luana da Silva; Barrocas, Ellen Noly; Machado, José da Cruz; Martins, Rayana de Sá
2014Sequential sampling of soybean and beans seeds for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum detection (Lib.) DeBaryBallaris, Alessandra de Lourdes; Machado, José da Cruz; Carvalho, Maria Laene Moreira de; Cavariani, Cláudio
Apr-2015Real‐time quantitative PCR assays for the rapid detection and quantification of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. phaseoli in Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean) seedsSousa, M. V. de; Machado, J. da C.; Simmons, H. E.; Munkvold, G. P.
2014The etiological agent of cotton ramulosis represents a single phylogenetic lineage within the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complexSalustiano, Maria Eloisa; Rondon, Marina Nunes; Abreu, Lucas M.; Costa, Sarah da Silva; Machado, José da Cruz; Pfenning, Ludwig H.
2014Colonization of maize seeds by two species of Stenocarpella transformed with fluorescent proteins and assessed through scanning electron microscopySiqueira, Carolina da Silva; Machado, José da Cruz; Corrêa, Carla Lima; Barrocas, Ellen Noly
2014Potential for transmission of Stenocarpella macrospora from inoculated seeds to maize plants grown under controlled conditionsSiqueira, Carolina da Silva; Machado, José da Cruz; Barrocas, Ellen Noly; Almeida, Mirella Figueiró de
2014Effects of Stenocarpella maydis in seeds and in the initial development of cornSiqueira, Carolina da Silva; Barrocas, Ellen Noly; Machado, José da Cruz; Silva, Ursula Abreu da; Dias, Iara Eleutéria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 326