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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Soybean oil and crude protein levels for growing pigs kept under heat stress conditionsWolp, R. C.; Rodrigues, N. E. B.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Cantarelli, V. S.; Fialho, E. T.; Philomeno, R.; Alvarenga, R. R.; Rocha, L. F.
Oct-2013The energy value of biodiesel glycerine products fed to broilers at different agesLima, E. M. C.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Alvarenga, R. R.; Bernardino, V. M. P.; Makiyama, L.; Lima, R. R.; Cantarelli, V. S.; Zangeronimo, M. G.
Jun-2017Use of collard green stalks as environmental enrichment for cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) kept in captivityCarvalho, T. S. G.; Saad, C. E. P.; Alvarenga, R. R.; Ferreira, W. M.; Assis, V. D. L.; Pereira, V. M.; Scalon, J. D.; Silva, J. P.; Zangeronimo, M. G.
2012Use of glycerine in poultry dietsAlvarenga, R. R.; Lima, E. M. C.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Bernardino, V. M. P.
2015Validation of prediction equations of energy values of a single ingredient or their combinations in male broilersAlvarenga, R. R.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Oliveira, E. C.; Mariano, F. C. M. Q.; Lima, E. M. C.; Garcia Jr., A. A. P.; Naves, L. P.; Nardelli, N. B. S.
2013Validation of prediction equations to estimate the energy values of feedstuffs for broilers: performance and carcass yieldAlvarenga, R. R.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Makiyama, L.; Oliveira, E. C.; Freitas, R. T. F.; Lima, R. R.; Bernardino, V. M. P.